Another cool cat to copy

I’ve been wanting to try this, ever since I saw it on one of the blogs I follow, called sewnhenge. But I seem to have a problem following instructions. Maybe if I would just take the computer to the sewing room with me and open it up to the tutorial. But NO – I don’t do that. I go by memory. And since I couldn’t remember how she said to do the quilting lines, I opted to just outline a couple of rows. But with all its faults, I love it, and I can see a whole bunch more of these emerging from my scrap stash.

Her tutorial, by the way, is really easy to follow.

my first hexi

I had lots more of the orange polka-dot than I thought — another whole piece! This is in the kitchen now, by the stove. I used more of the leftover padding from the ironing pad as the filler, and some strips from a couple of other projects to finish it out. Love that chicken fabric, too bad I only had a 12X12 square of it. 😦 Oh well. I cut these strips 1.5 inches, so I’d end up with 1 inch strips at the end.

9 thoughts on “Another cool cat to copy

    • yay! I opted not to put a loop on the top, because I never hang them up anyway, so why waste the time/fabric, right? πŸ˜† Now I want more of these too! And I followed your suggestion on how to make the pattern – worked great. I’ve cut out three sizes so far. πŸ˜† Nothin’ like goin’ all out, eh?


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