Why Do I Make Purses?

How did I get started making purses, you may ask.  It’s not really a long story, but I can usually make a short story long.  The basic answer is, my hubby wanted me to make some tote bags for grocery shopping. I made one – and promptly gave it away to my friend. That was the end of it for quite some time. I didn’t open the sewing machine again for close to a year or so.

I had an old pair of jeans shorts that were ragged, and I’d always wanted to try making a jeans purse.  So there was my reason to fire up the sewing machine again. I made it by the seat of its pants (with absolutely NO pattern or clear idea of what I was doing), and used it for awhile. Then one day I took it to a street sale where my friend was selling stuff, and I put it up for sale. It brought $10. I was hooked.

After that I started making more, again with no pattern or direction. My sister got wind of this new obsession of mine and had me make her like, about 10 or 12 for her family members. That paid for a new sewing machine. The one I’d been using I’ve had longer than I’ve had my kids – who are in their 30s. Then my husband suggested I use this love of creating purses and things to support missions, and the rest is history!

This magnificent obsession has now drawn me into the blogging world, where I’d never trod before. Now I’m trodding all over the place!

What’s the Purpose of this Page?

Here is where I’ll be posting pictures of what I’ve made over the years. Some were for my REmissionary reverse tithing projects, while others were gifts or something I made for myself. Please check back often, as I’ll update the photos as I have them available. Thanks so much for coming and browsing! Click on any picture and it should open the gallery, so you can see the pictures better.

33 thoughts on “Purses

    • Hi Cinda!!! I sell them at bazaars and so forth, but mostly to individuals who ask for them. The majority actually went to my sister! She wanted about 10 made last year for Christmas. Right now I’m preparing for a church sale on Nov 17. Just found out the date tonight – gotta hustle now!! 🙂


  1. I must have had a blond moment – I thought you were making the purses for gifts when I read about them…where was my head?! 🙂 I like the small jean one, with the red/white/blue liner…does it have small pockets on the inside like vera bradly? Patty


  2. Really great stuff! I’m just starting out on this blogging and creating escapade and I’m really excited by everything. I love your blog post about blogging, but I really can’t decide whether I like your purses more!?

    Anyway, thank you!


  3. what size is the messenger bag? I am needing that new purse and should be able to purchase one next pay day…hopefully…my hubby is getting dental work done and it may cost more than we thought. hope things are going well with you.


    • We’re doing OK, thanks so much. That one with the necklace, do you mean? It’s 10X10X3, roughly. I know how that dental work cost goes – I’m getting ready for some too, and hubby was just at the dentist. He has dental insurance, I have not much, but a little. I’m thankful to have that!


      • I did not notice the necklace that is unique…I believe that is the one – it also has the yellow lining…. I am thankful we have dental insurance also, I shudder to think what this would have cost us without it. Thankfully our dentist let us pay it in two installments…


    • aw shucks ya make me blush! thanks so much – I have a whole lot more photos of the ones I made before the REmissionary idea came to me – they’re all sold/given away by now. So much fun to do these!


    • Thanks so much. Although we’ve moved and not involved in the original ministry that I was reverse tithing to, I think we may find a new one here to get involved in. I think it may be pretty soon, too – which means time to replenish my stock!


    • Aw shucks, thanks. I need to update this page and add the new ones. And if I can make purses, ANYBODY can make ’em. I got a feeling you will do a great job on one.


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