It’s coming

Be prepared.

Things are changing very, very quickly. Just look at what the world is attempting to do to Israel, which will no doubt bring on the last and greatest war, Armageddon. But if you are in the LORD’s hands, be hopeful. The Lord will not leave His people helpless. He will not leave us destitute, no matter what happens.

I believe the Lord has given Israel their homeland, and all the powers that are coming against it will not succeed in the long run. Obama, as I watch him in these last days, is doing his utmost to destroy Israel and the United States, and to start a war before he gets out of office. If a war starts, he will stay in power.

Even so, LORD, come quickly.

Sometimes I just feel a rant coming on, and it’s gotta come out. This is my final rant for 2016.

3 thoughts on “It’s coming

  1. When we place our faith in man we will always be disappointed it. Wherever our country is headed I know that ultimately God is in control. Thanks for the reminder and don’t stop ranting! 💕👍


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