I’ve just started making aprons, and they are so much fun. We have ALL the old I Love Lucy series on DVD, and every time I watch them, I look at the aprons she wears. Some of them are just adorable – they ‘almost’ make me want to be more domestic! But then, if I take over the cooking, I would deprive my sweet hubby of that pleasure. And you know me . . . not a SELFISH BONE IN MY BODY! When we got married, we told everybody that we had the perfect marriage: he likes to cook, and I like to eat!  But seriously, I do cook, and he loves it when I do, so every once in awhile I give him a treat and cook dinner for him. But not enough for him to get used to it, I guess, because he still oohs and aahs over whatever I make. 🙂

Right now (and this will be updated as I make more) I only have one apron left that I haven’t given away. Now I plan to start selling them for my REmissionary sales. So check back as I update!!

Here’s the one lonely little apron I have right now. I actually didn’t make it originally to sell but to use in the kitchen. Hubby has his own aprons! 🙂

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