Well, the “Big Day” came and went. Gone. Done. Was all that hurryhurrysewsewgiterdun worth it? Wellllllllllll……………..


I did sell about five bowl cozies and seven tea towels. The very first towels I sold were two of my favorites! 🙂 All the folks that usually have tables at this holiday bazaar said it was a slow year, so I don’t feel bad about the low number of sales. I feel thankful for the ones I did sell – and I did get one order for a set of pot holders. Besides that, I got to talk to a lot of people I normally would not have seen. 🙂

One real blessing was selling eight towels to my friend’s sister and niece before the bazaar. And today I got to give away three of the ones I didn’t sell, and the joy it gave the recipients was worth the effort put into making them. Very worth it!

Will I try a holiday bazaar next year??


So, here are the last of the lot, the ones I hustled and bustled to get made before the Big Day. Thanks so much for letting me share.

10 thoughts on “AAAAAANNNNNNND………’s over

  1. They are all absolutely precious! If I were a little girl again ,I’d love to wear some of these. My favorite is the dress with the fall leaves motif, and second place is a tie with the two Christmas dresses. Thanks for sharing. Wish I had someone I could buy one for.

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    • Also, I understand about how much joy you got from giving away those two items. No matter how much I love to sell my books, I still find the greatest thrill when I can give one to someone I know will really enjoy reading it — especially if they don’t have the money to use for extras like books they don’t really need.

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      • Your books are wonderful – I love reading them. One of our retirees just wrote a book too, and I can’t wait for it to get published. I’ve already read the manuscript (proofed it for him), so now I’m waiting for the final copy. Something I wanted to be when I was a kid – a writer – but never did it. So I sew. 🙂


        • Thank you for the kind words about my books. I’m sure your friend is excited about getting into the world of writing books, and it’s great that you could help him so much. I have one friend who is super particular about what he reads, and I always have him read my books before they go into the publishing process because I know he’ll find things that no regular editor will find.

          My book situation has changed some in the last six months. In one way it’s very good because the publisher has now moved my books into the ditigal market, and anyone with any device that accepts digital format can now order a lot of my books from Amazon’s Kindle Store. They even offer a free app to download that will turn any device into an e-reader for no extra charge. Unfortunately
          there’s a little bit of a down side, in that,now that we are working with Amazon, my contract with them prohibits my making my books available in electronic format anywhere else while they are for sale on their sites. So I can’t offer whole books free on my blogs any longer.

          Previously the publisher, St. Ellen Press, allowed me to do that and even hosted a couple sites where one or two books were available to read free for a limited time. But now, all I can offer is a small excerpt of them on my blogs.

          At least in digital, they are not as expensive as the ones in print, and there’s no postage involved, so it does make it better for a lot of people. And actually they are selling much better in digital than they are in print now.

          Just in case you want to read some more of them, I’ll give you the link to my Amazon author’s page, where you can find links to all of them that are on there. I think we’ll have two more up before Christmas, and a couple will probably be on sale for the holidays, starting the weekend after Thanksgiving.

          Here’s the link:

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  2. Love your towels! I do some as gifts myself, but much more basic.
    May I suggest —since I’m good at that 😉 — that you put more tags on your posts so more readers can find them. We can use up to fifteen before WordPress fusses, so why not add tags like:
    Sewing; Crafts; Art; Home; Personal; Christmas; Gift ideas.

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