Three Years and Counting

Yup. I have not blogged for almost three years. What’s been going on in all that time, you may ask. Go ahead. Ask. Well, a little of this and a little of that. Mostly that.

I retired. Again. And now hubby is also retired. We moved almost all the way across country, to a house we didn’t actually see until the day we moved in. To a town we’d never heard of before we bought the house. We’ve been here about 15 months now. I think we’ll stay.

Our stuff didn’t all come with us. Some we gave away, some we sold, and some was stolen. But it’s all stuff. We’ve replaced what we needed to, and don’t miss the rest of it.

I haven’t done a lot of sewing or rock painting, but it’s gradually picking back up. Seems like we spent this past summer (our first in this new house and tiny town) sitting on the front porch. We did a lot of tea-drinkin’, howdy-swappin’, book-readin’, area-explorin’ kinds of things. Oh, and we completely gutted the kitchen and remodeled it our first few months in the house. Aaannnnnd…hubby made me a new sewing room. I had to leave my wonderful sewing table at the old house, but fortunately the new owner is a quilter and LOVED the table.

Other than all that…just sittin’ and jawin’ and plantin’ a few veggies, and enjoying full retirement. A lot!

No more mission trips, per se, unless you count going to Boone, NC, and packing shoeboxes at one of the Samaritan’s Purse warehouses. THAT was a blast! Lord willing, we’ll get to do that again next year.

We did one cross-country road trip, broken into two segments. Another really wonderful experience.

I’ll share a few projects I’ve done since we moved. And maybe I’ll share a few pictures of that new sewing/rock painting room very soon.

Sewwwww…..what have YOU been doing?

4 thoughts on “Three Years and Counting

  1. So glad to see you back. Sounds like your life has taken an exciting turn with new adventures. I did wonder about you a little, but I know that sometimes we have to deal with “real” life in ways that just don’t leave us much time or energy for Internet connections. But you’re a good influence online, and we need all the positive influence we can get, so it’s good that you’re back in the game again.

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