October is Copycat Month. Right?

I do have an original idea every so often, ya know.

Just . . . not . . . THIS month.  This is October, after all – COPYCAT Month . . . or is it COPYDOG Month? Well, whatever – this time I found a cute little bow-tie to go along with Spencer’s new bed I made today. And of course, I didn’t get a good photo of the bed. But the bow-tie. Ah, now THAT I got a picture of. 😆

I found the idea (and the tutorial) on another new-to-me blog, The Pinformer. They got a new puppy and made a bow-tie to welcome him. This little tie is so easy to make, I could’ve made Spencer a whole wardrobe. But he isn’t the snooty kind; he doesn’t dress up every day – only for special occasions.  He really didn’t want to have to put on the dog for this, but he was willing to pose for photographs.

Hey – wait just a doggone minute – I just thought of something. I did have an original idea this month, after all! That doggy bed was straight out of my own little idea storehouse.  Ah well, since this is Copycatdog Month, I’ll just let that one slip by. Maybe I’ll start now and try to have another one by November. Original idea, that is.

It could happen.

4 thoughts on “October is Copycat Month. Right?

    • aw shucks, ya make him blush. 😆 thanks – I think he’s kinda cute too. And he loves his new matching bow-tie and bed – he even wore the bow-tie all night! 😆 That’s because I forgot he had it on when I put him to bed. oops


    • And ya know, I STILL have about 3 yards of that material left – found it at a yard sale over a year ago, made several grocery totes out of it. Like the Energizer Bunny or the Timex watch . . . . . 😆


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