Baby Stuff

I’m on a bib binge lately, it seems. These have all been used either for our missionary wives when they give birth, or for raising money for missions.  I plan to use any money I make from these things to help support River of Life. That’s a transition house run by Calvary Chapel for men who are either just getting out of jail, or are homeless for other reasons, and need help getting back on track. They’re provided a place to live, spiritual and emotional support, practical instructions in basic life skills, and help finding a job. My husband is very involved in this ministry, and my contribution is doing a reverse tithe on whatever I sell.

Anyway … I seem to have added bibs and other baby things to the list of stuff I love to sew. In fact, I have to admit, if I had my way I’d just come home from work every day and head to the sewing room. If I REALLY had my way, I’d retire right now and just sew and sew. But that’s not practical, so I grab the moments when I can.

Here are a few of the things I’ve made lately. I had no idea I’d made so many of these! If you see anything you like here, I think I can duplicate it. These were made using various methods: trial and error, looking at a picture, free patterns I found online, and one  from a McCall’s pattern. And who knows – I might add bibs for adults! I just discovered today (March 31, 2013) that adults do actually wear bibs. Who knew!!

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