Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve visited this spot. How y’all doin’? In the time that’s passed, a lot has happened. I’ll just touch on the highlights.

  1. I retired. For the last time, I hope. I’d ‘sort of’ retired last year, but ended up still working part-time. Now I’m home all the time, and I love it!


    All my backyard buddies throwing me a retirement party!

  2. We went on a short-term mission trip to Guatemala in June, just two days after my official retirement. That was an experience I definitely want to repeat! Hubby was really moved by the experience. Our team met up with another team from South Dakota, and we spent 10 days building stoves, putting floors in homes, and interacting with the kids and parents in about 6 different villages. The people were so welcoming and gracious. I could go on for days about the whole experience, but I won’t. I’ll just say that the Lord blessed me and our team so much more than I expected. We’re already saving up for the next mission, Lord willing next June. I’ve done several craft fairs and managed to save a lot, so by the time we get a firm date, I hope to be at least halfway to the amount we’ll need.

    cc kids

    Some of the kids in one of the villages, Cuatro Cayos. They were a delight!!

  3. I started painting rocks. Yes, that’s right. Rocks. I guess that qualifies for my “old things with a new mission” motto. I mean, they ARE old things…been around since the Lord created this earth. And I do give them a new mission: giving someone a lift of the spirit and a smile to the face. I also sell them, as part of my fundraising efforts for the next Guatemala mission trip.
  4. I’m still making those fun tea towels, bowl cozies, and cup cozies. I also started making doll clothes for 18″ dolls. That has been a lot of fun, and a good stash-buster. It may work into a way to raise funds, if I get good at it. Hey, it could happen!!

Six months into retirement and I’m not bored yet!! What’s happening with you?

Maybe I won’t wait so long to visit again. I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy blogging…time to get busy again! But for now, I’ll just say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL, and may the LORD bless you this season!!

11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks, Sandra!! How is it going with writing your books? I haven’t found them on Kindle yet. I use it all the time, and would love to find some of your books that I haven’t already read. πŸ™‚


      • If you go to and type in “Sandra Pavloff Conner Books’ you’ll get a whole page. There are at least 14 of them on there. And I think they are all available on Kindle except the cinquain Poetry book. Or here’s the link to my author’s page on amazon, and it will give you links to all of them as well:

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  1. Your trip sounds wonderful. I am sure you were a blessing to many of those families you visited and helped. I love that you are enjoying your retirement with a variety of crafts. You are really an artist. Those rocks are amazing. I wish you great luck with your fund raising efforts at craft fairs. I think you would benefit by sharing a poster with photo’s of your last trip, so shoppers KNOW what makes “your booth” so unique. (I have a friend who crafts and supports animal rescue and she said it makes ALL the difference between her booth and one across the aisle.) Congratulations on retirement!!!!

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    • Thanks so much! I never thought of making a poster board with pictures from the trip – thanks for that idea. I missed out on the craft show this weekend (she never returned my call to reserve a table), so they must have been filled up. Well, Lord willing, I’ll get one in the spring, and do this.


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