The man-apron

Well, so far I’ve been almost a stranger to the sewing room, although I did manage to get one thing made – and it wasn’t even from my new Christmas present! Plans are in the works for a purse with some of that fabric, by the way, and for a couple of tea towels…just didn’t want anybody to think I’d forgotten about it. 🙂

Anyway, just after the New Year, I was wandering around Outer Blogovia, looking at sites I’ve never visited, and came across a blog showing how she made a cute apron from old jeans. I’ve made a LOT of stuff from old jeans, so I thought this would be a good thing to try, just to get the ol’ creative juices flowing again. Well…it didn’t ‘exactly’ turn out like hers. She put cute little appliques on hers, and made it look really fun. I thought about doing mine the same way, but I used hubby’s old work pants – there just ain’t no dressin’ them thangs up!! He’s a plumber, and his pants get pretty . . . uhm . . . yah. But I figured I could make a decent work apron he could use in his shop or in the back yard, so it didn’t need any cute stuff.

I opened the inseam on one leg, and attached the widest part of the leg to the waistband. I cut a hole in the narrow end and finished it with bias binding, to keep the apron around the neck.  I even added an extra button to the waistband, in case I wanted to wear it myself. Think ahead, y’know!! I don’t even mind the worn-out spot near the neck hole. That used to be the knee in these jeans’ first life. 🙂

He likes it. I like it. So, whatcha think?? Do you like it?? 🙂



final product


hubby wearing his ‘new’ apron


9 thoughts on “The man-apron

  1. Very cool. My hubby is a “model railroader” and uses an apron when they have events at his train club. He needs pockets for his train throttle, his pen/pencil, 2 way radio etc. This is awesome. Bet I could make some of these and sell them to the other fellows. 🙂 Like the way you think. If I get to it, I will let you know!

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    • I’ll look forward to it! I was going to use the part of the leg I cut out for the neck and make a little pocket on the bib part, but decided against it. I still think a pocket there would be good, though. 🙂


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