Three Years and Counting

Yup. I have not blogged for almost three years. What’s been going on in all that time, you may ask. Go ahead. Ask. Well, a little of this and a little of that. Mostly that.

I retired. Again. And now hubby is also retired. We moved almost all the way across country, to a house we didn’t actually see until the day we moved in. To a town we’d never heard of before we bought the house. We’ve been here about 15 months now. I think we’ll stay.

Our stuff didn’t all come with us. Some we gave away, some we sold, and some was stolen. But it’s all stuff. We’ve replaced what we needed to, and don’t miss the rest of it.

I haven’t done a lot of sewing or rock painting, but it’s gradually picking back up. Seems like we spent this past summer (our first in this new house and tiny town) sitting on the front porch. We did a lot of tea-drinkin’, howdy-swappin’, book-readin’, area-explorin’ kinds of things. Oh, and we completely gutted the kitchen and remodeled it our first few months in the house. Aaannnnnd…hubby made me a new sewing room. I had to leave my wonderful sewing table at the old house, but fortunately the new owner is a quilter and LOVED the table.

Other than all that…just sittin’ and jawin’ and plantin’ a few veggies, and enjoying full retirement. A lot!

No more mission trips, per se, unless you count going to Boone, NC, and packing shoeboxes at one of the Samaritan’s Purse warehouses. THAT was a blast! Lord willing, we’ll get to do that again next year.

We did one cross-country road trip, broken into two segments. Another really wonderful experience.

I’ll share a few projects I’ve done since we moved. And maybe I’ll share a few pictures of that new sewing/rock painting room very soon.

Sewwwww…..what have YOU been doing?

Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve visited this spot. How y’all doin’? In the time that’s passed, a lot has happened. I’ll just touch on the highlights.

  1. I retired. For the last time, I hope. I’d ‘sort of’ retired last year, but ended up still working part-time. Now I’m home all the time, and I love it!


    All my backyard buddies throwing me a retirement party!

  2. We went on a short-term mission trip to Guatemala in June, just two days after my official retirement. That was an experience I definitely want to repeat! Hubby was really moved by the experience. Our team met up with another team from South Dakota, and we spent 10 days building stoves, putting floors in homes, and interacting with the kids and parents in about 6 different villages. The people were so welcoming and gracious. I could go on for days about the whole experience, but I won’t. I’ll just say that the Lord blessed me and our team so much more than I expected. We’re already saving up for the next mission, Lord willing next June. I’ve done several craft fairs and managed to save a lot, so by the time we get a firm date, I hope to be at least halfway to the amount we’ll need.

    cc kids

    Some of the kids in one of the villages, Cuatro Cayos. They were a delight!!

  3. I started painting rocks. Yes, that’s right. Rocks. I guess that qualifies for my “old things with a new mission” motto. I mean, they ARE old things…been around since the Lord created this earth. And I do give them a new mission: giving someone a lift of the spirit and a smile to the face. I also sell them, as part of my fundraising efforts for the next Guatemala mission trip.
  4. I’m still making those fun tea towels, bowl cozies, and cup cozies. I also started making doll clothes for 18″ dolls. That has been a lot of fun, and a good stash-buster. It may work into a way to raise funds, if I get good at it. Hey, it could happen!!

Six months into retirement and I’m not bored yet!! What’s happening with you?

Maybe I won’t wait so long to visit again. I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy blogging…time to get busy again! But for now, I’ll just say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL, and may the LORD bless you this season!!

Almost retired…again

Seems I don’t do anything all the way. I retired…sort of…last year about this time. Just couldn’t seem to make that complete severance from the working world, though. I’m about to retire – again – in a few weeks, after I help train a new person in the office.

So, what have I been doing with this semi-retired state? Not a lot, it seems. I sure didn’t get into my blog very much!! I’ve probably read about a hundred books, a few of them actually good ones. Puzzle books have cringed in my presence. Spencer almost got into good physical shape, when he could guilt-trip me into taking him for walks. I kept the deck in working order and in place all last summer. Hey, somebody’s gotta be responsible for that task, so I volunteered to sit out there every single day and make sure it didn’t fall off into the creek or up and move next door when we weren’t looking.

I’ve also done a bit of sewing. Just a bit. We’re having a craft fair at the church this weekend, to raise money for our mission trip to Guatemala in June, so I’ve been burning the machine oil a lot. I started making what I affectionately refer to as “Poo Pals.” Those little bags that hang from the dog leash, that hold poo bags. Every self-respecting dog walker needs one of these!

Did I mention we’re going to Guatemala? Our church is taking a group to help a local church in Guatemala City. They provide breakfast to the children of their low-income area, and have classes of various types in the church, to give the kids a safe place off the streets and to help teach them life skills. We’ll also be helping put in floors and cook stoves in some of the outlying villages in the jungle, about four hours out of Guatemala City. I am really looking forward to this! I still need to get my work gloves (already wore out the pair I had) and some other stuff, and get another round of shots (ouch!!).

Here are a few of the things I’ve been working on – I’m hoping these sell on Saturday!!


It’s coming

Be prepared.

Things are changing very, very quickly. Just look at what the world is attempting to do to Israel, which will no doubt bring on the last and greatest war, Armageddon. But if you are in the LORD’s hands, be hopeful. The Lord will not leave His people helpless. He will not leave us destitute, no matter what happens.

I believe the Lord has given Israel their homeland, and all the powers that are coming against it will not succeed in the long run. Obama, as I watch him in these last days, is doing his utmost to destroy Israel and the United States, and to start a war before he gets out of office. If a war starts, he will stay in power.

Even so, LORD, come quickly.

Sometimes I just feel a rant coming on, and it’s gotta come out. This is my final rant for 2016.

still here

Yup – still here…still pluggin’ away…far, far away.

Things have changed since I last visited this blog. I’m now semi-retired, so it would be reasonable to think I’d have the time, energy, and interest in blogging I had back when every second was filled with activity. So, what have I filled these seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks with, you may ask. Go ahead. Ask.

Not much.

Walking the dog. Now there’s a time-consumer.

Housework. Well, that’s a plus in hubby’s eyes. And it does stay pretty clean.

Senior swim. At least it gets my muscles moving twice a week, whether they need it or not.

Sewing. Not much, really…although I did manage to get a few bowl cozies, tea towels, and bibs made. And a couple of aprons.

VBS. Yeah, I found time to help with that this summer, and it was a lot of fun.

Work. Yes, I do still work a little…sort of a Girl Friday thing.

Sunday dinners. I have actually COOKED a couple of times since I retired. Yes, miracles still happen. Hey, I’m even doing Christmas dinner for the whole gang.

Reading. I’ve reread every. single. book I own. And even a few I don’t own. Plus I bought a few more for those dark days of winter. Yes, there are some days just MADE for reading and drinking tea. Or coffee.

Vacation. NOW we’re talkin’!!!

Daydreaming. AHA!!  I think I’ve discovered the time-snatcher!

What have YOU been doing with your seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks lately?

Well, that’s it……just wanted to drop by and swap howdies, and say

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year 

(that’s in case I don’t come back by here before January 1)