anybody hungry?

who said that!!

In our travels, we’ve come across some interesting, often pretty funny, signs. Every once in awhile I actually get a chance to take a photo of them. On our last little short trip, I spotted this one in a field. Hubby was nice and pulled over so I could get a picture.

anybody hungry?

anybody hungry?

As we went on down the road, we stopped at a little second-hand shop. I had to get a picture of that sign! If I had some things, I could no doubt sell them here.

got any things you want to sell?

got any things you want to sell?

At a farmer’s market, I noticed a fellow selling flowers. Nope, it wasn’t around Halloween.


But this was the topper. I have a whole LOT of dust collectors in my house, but nothing like this. Hey, anyone else have a super industrial-size dust collector in your living room??

industrial-size for big houses

industrial-size for big houses

jes a lookin fer a home

resurrection…it’s a beautiful thing

Howdy, y’all.

I’ve been just on the south side of lazy for the last month, but feel like I should drop by my house and swap howdies with whoever may show up here.

We’ve been just a little messy around here lately, working on a kitchen remodel and other things. And I just haven’t been in the sewing room as much as I should’ve been, until the last few days. Y’see, it’s like this. I go in there, and I just get to feeling like a murderer. All those poor scraps lying there under the sewing table in a bag, waiting for me to give them a proper burial. Depressing.

I found one day that the guilt was too much for me. Hey, they’re my scraps, they’re in my sewing room, and they’re crying out to me. So I did what any self-respecting scrappy gal would do. I dumped them out on the sewing table and started going through them, looking for survivors. I came up with a whole bunch of little strips that had totally escaped my notice when I had that cleaning fit.

Perfect timing, too! For what had happened to me recently? I’d been to the grocery store with my trusty little chicken pouch (where we keep the grocery funds), and now it was time to replenish the grocery fund. But the pouch was gone! I looked everywhere I could think of, even going back to the store on the off chance that it had been turned in. Nope. Sad day. It still had over $60 in it! Anyway, I was feeling lower than the ground the hens scratched. Oh well, said I to me, now you have to make a new grocery pouch. Hmmmm….and off I went in search of all those little strips I’d just rescued.

I started sewing those little fellers together, and just couldn’t stop. By the time I ran out of them, I had a piece of ‘fabric’ big enough to make not only a new grocery pouch, but a matching purse!

Well, naturally, I got so carried away, I didn’t even think of taking photos of each step until I was completely done. Oh well, it wouldn’t have made a good story anyway; I kept making mistakes and giving my brand new seam ripper a workout (already need another one!) on the pouch. I finally got it ‘sort of’ how I wanted it, with a section for each of our cash funds: fun fund, gas fund, grocery fund, and my own allowance fund – plus a zipper pocket for coins.

And today I finished the purse!  I even tried my hand at quilting it, after my own fashion. I drew a LubbyGirl style rose pattern on the front and back, and on the flap. :-) And you know how I love pockets in a purse. Well, this one has six – even the flap has a pocket! It will hold my phone, or cards, or keys, or whatever.

What have you been up to lately?

(oh…and the chicken pouch? Found it after I made the new one – in hubby’s jacket! He’d gone to the store too, and forgot to put the pouch back in its proper place. whew!!!)

the blessings of brutality

Sleep was long in coming. The job must be done, and no one could do it for me. Facing tomorrow with such dread, I fought all night with myself in my dreams.

I just can’t do it. I love them. 

You love them? How can you say that?? You keep them locked away, out of sight, and never even talk to them!

Well, that may be true. But I think about them a lot; doesn’t that count as loving them?

Look, it’s worse to let them stay and ignore them. At least this way they can die with dignity.

I can’t abandon them. They’ve been here for years. They’re part of the family. 

You have to be brutal.

But I’m not the brutal type.

Sure you are – anybody can be. Go ahead, let go and let your inner brutality shine through. You’ll feel much better about yourself, I promise.

NO. I can’t do it. It’s murder!

Oh come on – it’s not murder. Think of it as mercy killing.

And I awoke. It was time for brutality. No prisoners, few survivors.

And it’s true, I did feel better afterward – refreshed, rejuvenated, ready to be brutal again.

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front with beading. under the lower row is a zipper pocket

Back by popular demand

Yep, my computer is back! All fixed. My son put in a new hard drive and fixed the lighting problem.

And I actually got something made in the meantime. Remember that curtain?


Well, part of it now is a backpack purse. Yes, I finally used the Butterick pattern #B5505 that del (CurlsnSkirls) gave me, but I didn’t make the version (version C) I’d originally decided to make. I looked at the pattern for that one, and found that it’s a circle pulled up with a drawstring. Instead, I opted for version A.


There were a few things about this version that I liked, and a few that I didn’t like. So of course, I made changes. What I liked was the overall look when it was finished. I also liked that it wasn’t a hard pattern to follow at all. And I like the way the lining is attached – it’s whip-stitched in at the top, which for me was pretty cool, because I didn’t have to sew the outer and lining together and then try to turn it through a little opening, and then stitch up the opening.

What I didn’t like was the one (count ’em!) pocket included. Now, anybody who knows me knows that ain’t happenin’. It’s a nice pocket, with two darts at the bottom and flared out at the top, but just not what I wanted inside. But it didn’t go to waste. I made two of them from the pattern and added them to the outside. Could I leave it at that? Nope. I had to add flaps – I mean, they’re on the outside of a backpack purse. They need flaps!! Right??

I used a bright, cheerful, springy looking skirt that was too small for the lining. Since it was the type of fabric that likes to ravel, I used iron-on interfacing to make it less likely to fall apart at the seams.  I also added a plain pocket (no darts) and two zipper pockets. Love zippered pockets.

inside pockets inside pockets

The outside, in the original pattern, is just a plain purse with no pockets or embellishments. Well, this version has a zipper pocket under the lower row of beads – which had decorated the bottom of the curtain in its former life.

My friends came over the other night, before the purse was finished. Their daughter is having a birthday – a significant one (16th, I think) – and she invited us to her birthday party. Her mom saw the purse and said it looked just like something her daughter would love. So guess where it’s headed this weekend!! Perfect timing I’d say.

So…..whatcha think?? I saw that version B was actually made from leather in the pattern pictures, so I may try that one with this fabric too. It’s not actually leather, just a wannabe, but it looks enough like it to pass muster.

version B - hmmmm....oh the possibilities!

version B – hmmmm….oh the possibilities!

Another thing I might change in the future, if I make version A of the pattern again, is to make it just about two inches wider, and make the straps adjustable. What would you do with this pattern? Have you used it before? What do you think?


Did you miss me yet?

Well, hello there! Has anybody missed me yet? It seems that I will have to wait much, much longer than I thought to get my computer back. In the meantime, I’ve discovered that I can use my voice activated posting skills! Yay!

However, my voice activated posting skills do not include voice-activated photos. Oh, wait! I do have one or two pictures!

The brown fabric with the tassel looking things on it was a curtain. Yes, a curtain! It’s going to become – what else – a purse. The fabric with the palm trees – well, that will probably be the lining for the purse. It actually has more brown in it than the picture shows, so it does match the other fabric. Well…fairly well anyway.

So, what have you been doing with your time lately?