My Christmas present came!

Just LOOK what came in the mail today! I was wandering around WordPress one night, looking at the blogs I follow, and came across a giveaway at Crafty Staci’s blog. I just LOVED all the fabric she had pictured, but was really drawn to this batch.

And ya know what else? She included BUTTONS! I’m all about buttons – and these are lovely.


I have a couple of ideas already in mind for some of this fabric; the rest of it, I’m just going to look at and let it tell me what it wants to be.

It’s eye-candy time!! Thank you so much, Staci!!!!




AAAANNNND…it’s NOT over. Yet.

HA! And you thought I was all done posting tea towels. NOT!

Well, at least I wasn’t all done, until now. Honest. This is it. Last of the bunch.

I made this last batch made for a friend; she wanted four towels with matching hot pads. She liked the other Christmas towels that had sold, so I used those ideas again for these.

That blue and white one, though – that wasn’t for my friend (unless she picks it in the gift exchange!). It was for our VM Fellowship get-together. We were supposed to bring a gift for the gift exchange, and what do you think I wanted to bring??? Yep, a box of rocks. Since that got turned down flat, I decided to make one final tea towel with a drawstring gift bag (since I didn’t have one single bit of Christmas wrapping paper, nor even one tiny box). I’m not real pleased with the bag, but I think the next one will be better. But it works, so it will do the job I made it for – guess I should be thankful for that, eh?

Well, reckon I need to find some other outlet for my sewing-frenzy state of mind. Whatcha think? What would be a good project now?? I’m thinking doll clothes might be fun to try.


red/white towel


red/white pads (front/back)


candy towel


candy hot pads


‘tree’ towel


‘tree’ hot pads


plaid towel


plaid pads


blue/white towel and bag



Well, the “Big Day” came and went. Gone. Done. Was all that hurryhurrysewsewgiterdun worth it? Wellllllllllll……………..


I did sell about five bowl cozies and seven tea towels. The very first towels I sold were two of my favorites! 🙂 All the folks that usually have tables at this holiday bazaar said it was a slow year, so I don’t feel bad about the low number of sales. I feel thankful for the ones I did sell – and I did get one order for a set of pot holders. Besides that, I got to talk to a lot of people I normally would not have seen. 🙂

One real blessing was selling eight towels to my friend’s sister and niece before the bazaar. And today I got to give away three of the ones I didn’t sell, and the joy it gave the recipients was worth the effort put into making them. Very worth it!

Will I try a holiday bazaar next year??


So, here are the last of the lot, the ones I hustled and bustled to get made before the Big Day. Thanks so much for letting me share.

So – I’ve been sew, sew busy!!

Seems like ten years since I’ve been here. Anybody home?? Hey, are ya in there???

Well, since the place appears abandoned, I’ll just sit down and make myself at home. I’ve got about 15 more dressy tea towels cut out, ready to make before November 14 (the BIG DAY) when I make my debut at the holiday bazaar. Well…technically…it’s not really my debut. I did this bazaar a couple of years ago and pretty much bombed. Being the glutton for punishment (or the chicken that wakes up in a new world every day) that I am, I’m going at it again. Full speed ahead!!

I won’t bore you with the details of each and every towel I’ve made, but just share some photos. I did try some different pattern ideas out – one with bodice pleats (very time-consuming), one with very slinky fabric (won’t do THAT again!!), a cross/body design, and even some for boys (loved doing these!).  Some were special orders that have already been delivered. Others are waiting their turn to be adopted at the craft bazaar.

I hope you enjoy these – and remember, I do special orders! 🙂

still dressin’ up

Seems like I just can’t stop making these little dressy tea towels. I’ve gotten rather fond of the little cuties, so much so that I’ve about decided to give them all names. I mean, after all…they ARE part of the family, and family members have names, don’t they?

The idea was to make a whole bunch for a Christmas bazaar at a friend’s church in November, so I made several…some of which I sold at the July Fourth sale, and many of which I just gave away. Time to make more! So I had several cut out and ready to put together, when another friend asked if she could take the ones I still had from the Fourth and show them to her coworkers.

I figured they might buy one or two. Sewwwwwwwwwwwwwww……… many did they buy, you ask (you didn’t know I heard you ask that, huh?) I started counting on my fingers, went to the toes, and decided I needed to count on hubby’s fingers & toes too. I ran out of fingers & toes. They bought all but about three of the ones my friend took, and ordered more. I’ve counted up to 27 so far, plus a whole bunch of the tortilla warmers and microwave bowl wraps. Whew!! That’s a lot of little dresses. And I still need to make some for the November sale. I’m lovin’ it!!

As I worked on all those little dressy tops, it occurred to me that there might be a better way to sew the front and the sleeves. I’d found the fix here for the neckline that had given me such trouble before, and I found her instructions for doing the sides of great help. But I wondered if I could just pull the front through one of the arm openings and put a seam in before sewing the sleeve areas shut. So I tried it. it worked! I don’t know if these photos will help or hinder, but here’s a snapshot of how I pulled them through, put the front seam in, and pulled them back through. I did the sleeves the same way, after sewing the front. I simply pulled them through the back side (it doesn’t get sewn shut until the towel is inserted). It seemed to be a lot faster doing the seams this way than pressing and top-stitching them shut.

So, here are the little girls I just finished and sent home to their new mamas. I’m not getting rich from making these (moneywise, at least), but I am paying for the materials, and I’m having a BLAST making them. That in itself is getting rich, to me. What makes you feel rich?

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