What? Me Bake??

that’s it, folks…all that’s left!

I’m tellin’ you what’s the truth with my hand up – following blogs around like a little puppy-dog can really, really pay off. I’ve got this list of blogs (psst…over there, on the side of this screen. see ’em?) that I regularly shadow, and oh! the things I’ve found to keep me occupied, interested, and well-fed. This weekend was supposed to be a baking day for me, but it didn’t happen. Not that I’m lazy, or anything like that. I was outside battling weeds again, and abusing these tired old muscles to the point of exhaustion. I was just too doggone worn out to cook, bake, or even eat – almost! Anyway, that’s my excuse for not baking, and I’m stickin’ to it.

But I did find time in the wee hours of yesterday morning, when I awoke at the unheard-of hour of 3:38 a.m. There went that mind of mine, once again showing me it has a mind of its own. So I figured, oh well, my mind refuses to go back to sleep, why should my body think it’s going to get any rest. It crawled out of bed, taking me with it, and headed to the kitchen, where my body and mind joined forces against my will. *sigh* oh well, might as well give in. I made coffee, loaded and ran the dishwasher, swept the floor, and made cookies.

I’d found the recipe on (you guessed it!) a blog I follow, The Sugarlump. My husband’s favorite cookie is peanut butter. The chocolate chips are like frosting on the cake for him. So, I took the recipe I found there and got in really good with him. 🙂 Naturally, though, as I’ve mentioned before, I cannot ever, EVER, leave a recipe as is. I discovered that all those chocolate chips I *thought* I had were no more. At least, not enough were left for this recipe, so I had to finish that cup measure out with something else. And I just happened to have some walnuts. So I guess that makes these peanut butter chocolate chip walnut cookies. Try saying THAT with a mouthful of cookie! They were yum…nom nom nom…….

I got to eat a couple of these myself

After this, I’m totally going back over there and copying that hearty turkey chili recipe down!! And I know just the person to give it to…oh, honey……(imagine a little sing-song voice here)

17 thoughts on “What? Me Bake??

  1. Silly old girl….looks like you had fun…looking forward to seeing you soon…..dinner on Sunday if you’re interested……not sure the menu yet….<3


  2. Thanks for the good words on my blog. I like the wonderful filled cookie jar and the blue and white plate. I can’t eat the peanut butter cookies but they look so pretty and good. I am sure your husband was appreciative of your not only reading the recipe, but your baking it! Blogs can be so inspiring!


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