A Shadow of Things Passed

Friday the new photo challenge came out on WordPress, about silhouettes. I had one immediately that came to mind for my Lovin the Trip blog, but hadn’t really planned on doing anything on this challenge on this blog. Well, I reckon you could say I changed horses in the middle of the stream this morning. I was looking through some photos of trips gone by, and loved these from our trips to Montana and Wyoming. They’re totally shooting from the camera, no Photoshop enhancements. Except for a couple, they were also shot in transit (hubby was driving, and we weren’t in a position to stop for most of them). Hope you enjoy them – just something to brighten up a Monday morning! Or . . . in my case . . . a Monday afternoon. Not that I’m – you know – S L O W – or anything. Β πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “A Shadow of Things Passed

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