Wins Day – Twice Blessed


I missed my Twos Day posting, out partying with my friends. Yes, we had a grand celebration! What were we celebrating? Our friend’s 40th spiritual birthday. He gave his life and his heart to the Lord July 31, 1972, and never looked back, and we were privileged to share in that 40th celebration. So…I guess I gave up on Twos Day – but hey, now it’s WINS DAY! And I have some Wins Day news to share.

I just had a wonderful thing happen to me.

This is both humbling and honoring. Two people have nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award: The Blazing Trail and Pure Faith. You should go check out their blogs!  I very much appreciate being considered, not once, but twice.  I’m supposed to tell some things about myself (I’ll just refer back to my post about the One Lovely Blogger Award), display the award on my page, and then nominate 15 others. That’s a lot of nominating! Each one I’ve  listed is there because I’ve learned something from them that has helped me in my Christian walk, or I’ve been inspired in photography, or in finding ways to use things that might otherwise be discarded – or, I’ve just had a lot of fun reading their blogs. There might even be a couple listed here that have already received this award, but that’s OK, it won’t hurt to get a couple of them. 🙂 So . . . here goes!

  1.  Joe Quatrone, Jr
  2. Darrin Vaughan
  3. Journal
  4. linnyjcreations
  5. Minnesota Transplant
  6. Dad Knows
  7. Where’s My Backpack?
  8. Retiree Diary
  9. Leanne Cole’s Photography
  10. planthoarder
  11. Sarah the Gardener
  12. Jacquie Just Doing Life
  13. 52-week project
  14. Thoughts from an American Woman
  15. The Retiring Sort

16 thoughts on “Wins Day – Twice Blessed

  1. Thank you for nominating me, you have a such a unique way to bring joy into our lives. I am reminded of Barbara Johnson from the Women of Faith team. You have her style! Blessings – Patty


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