I’m Makin’ A Quilt, Checkin’ it Twice…Gonna Find Out if It’s Awful or Nice

That’s what hubby wanted for Christmas – a quilt, made from his old t-shirts that are special to him from his ministries and from his kids and from olden golden days. They’re getting really beat-up looking, stained, yellowed with age, and a few with little holes in them. And, since we’ve got the house on the market and are trying to downsize some things, he decided to clean out his closet, but didn’t want to part with all those memories. So…………..that’s what I’m making him. I have no idea what I’m doing, though.

Here’s the “in the beginning.”  I began by cutting out the sayings from each shirt, and sticking the cutting board inside the shirts made that job a whole lot easier. I managed to save the backs that way, which was good because I ended up needing them for strips between the panels, and to make one little panel to fill in one row that was too short.

oops, forgot to take pictures of putting the backing on. Use your imagination. :-)

oops, forgot to take pictures of putting the backing on. Use your imagination. 🙂

put with plain squares from backs of shirts, to make one big square

put with plain squares from backs of shirts, to make one big square

cutting board inside - handy dandy cotton candy!

cutting board inside – handy dandy cotton candy!

I noticed he was REALLY nostalgic about that welding job – kept little mementos in the pocket seam. What I couldn’t figure out, though, was why those mementos were wood shavings … somehow it just didn’t fit with what I thought welding was all about. 😆

what lurks in yon seam folds?? 'tis wood shavings!!

what lurks in yon seam folds?? ’tis wood shavings!!

It’s almost done, but not in time for Christmas. He’s OK with that now. I’ll get it by New Year’s, I promised. Actually, I think it’s going to turn out pretty well, all things considered. Squeezing it in between purses and wallets and housekeeping (gotta keep it nice for prospective buyers!) and work, poor hubby ended up taking the back seat in the bus. He is so sweet and easygoing!

Anyway … here is his special quilt. The whole thing (except the back) is made entirely from his old t-shirts. They tended to curl a little here and there when I sewed them together – even with the iron-on backing to keep them from stretching so much. But hey, as this is only the second time EVER that I’ve attempted making a quilt, or any quilting at all, I don’t feel so bad. He loves it so far!!!

by this time next week: DONEI hope!!

by this time next week: DONE
I hope!!

Well, that was my Christmas project, amongst these three, which DID get done. One I could have waited to finish, I discovered later. It wasn’t needed after all (the pink belted one), so it has just become (you guessed it!!!) my new favorite purse! The nautical one was for a coworker’s daughter who just passed her captain’s test to run a river taxi in Chicago. Way to go, Chloé! But I just fell in love with that third one, the flop-purse, as I call it, made for my friend’s 13-year-old daughter. A plus for me: I have the other jeans leg, and will make another one like it, with different lining. *sigh* the LORD is good to me. So many fun things to make. And all those imperfections you see? They’re not character flaws – they’re flaws that add character!! Just thought I’d throw that in here, in case you were wondering or anything.

Oh … and one more thing … I forgot to mention that this whole week’s posts will be all about the WordPress Challenge for the week, “Just Do It.” So, if you’re in the mood for writing, this would be the week to git er dun. Jes sayin’

backside of nautical theme purse

backside of nautical theme purse

I had a cute little seashell necklace piece (necklace broke) for the zipper pull

I had a cute little seashell necklace piece (necklace broke) for the zipper pull

I ended up taking this in on the sides - no picture of that (yet!)

I ended up taking this in on the sides – no picture of that (yet!)

love these pockets!

love these pockets!

cross/body flop-top. This is one leg of some jeans I had

cross/body flop-top. This is one leg of some jeans I had

pocket made from part of the leg. Not perfect, but I'm OK with that now.

pocket made from part of the leg. Not perfect, but I’m OK with that now.


Mundane or Meaningful – What Makes YOU Happy?

Relax, LubbyGirl. I just have a few questions to ask you, and then you can go home. No, no, I won’t lock you up if you just cooperate.  Now, first question……………….

I’ve been asking myself a few questions lately.  Not mafia-style questions . . . my back up against a brick wall, a bright light in my eyes, screaming in my own face (yes, it can be done).

No, I’ve pondered quiet, pensive, inner-person-searching questions – like, what REALLY makes me happy? What do I love for dinner? How come my dog looks like a hobo and everyone else’s just came from the groomer’s? How many of those little squeeze-eyed babies are there in the hospital birthing room tonight? If I write and write and nobody reads, will I still write? Those kinds of things.

And you know what I found out about myself? It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. A night snuggling with hubby, watching old I Love Lucy episodes with him and the dog (of course he watches I Love Lucy – doesn’t everybody’s dog??). Walking around town with hubby, looking at old houses and wondering what it’s like to live in them. Strawberries!!!! Sharing a laugh and a cup of coffee with close friends. Listening to a really thought-provoking sermon and actually putting what I learned into practice.

Growing up, I remember thinking I would be happy if I had a watch and a new bicycle. Rich kids had those things, and they seemed to be happy. Of course, I never actually KNEW any rich kids, other than the one whose parents owned the house we rented when I was 10. He was a brat, very rude and unfriendly, and always bragging about what he had. Hmmm….maybe he wasn’t so happy after all. I wonder why he always hung around our poor ol’ house and all us kids, if he thought so little of us. Oh well, no matter – we were having too much fun playing Red Rover and Cowboys & Indians and marbles and so forth to worry much about his sour disposition.

When I got my first watch and bicycle – in the very same year, for Christmas!!! – I really thought I had arrived. I was just like the other kids. No more being made fun of, no more being different. Well, mostly no more being different. Foster kids are always a little bit different, but having a watch and a bicycle helped make me more like other kids. But it didn’t really, honestly, completely make me happy.

If I just had a pair of go-go boots! That would do it. Those were the ticket in the 60s. Well, I got some, but not the sexy, clingy Nancy Sinatra type. I got the clunky, short topped ones. But, hey, they were white, and they were official go-go boots. I tried to swallow my disappointment and be thankful; but truthfully, I felt even more different. But I wore them, even though they rubbed blisters on the back of my calves. And they got rave reviews from some of the other teenage girls, and that was what really mattered to me then, so it wasn’t so bad after all. I wanted to be just. like. them.

That was then. Now, I find that it doesn’t matter as much if I’m different. In fact, I rather like not being a carbon copy. I like being myself, even if that means I have granny beads and crow’s feet. My hair is white in most places, and where it’s not, it’s steel gray. The curls don’t cooperate, the straight parts don’t care if they agree with the curls or not, and the two cowlicks are my claim to fame when I go to the hairdresser.

Happiness is fleeting, but JOY is forever. I have joy in knowing my future, and it doesn’t have a THING to do with the things I have, or the opinion of others, or even whether I’m different or the same or any combination of the two. Joy comes in knowing I have a home in heaven with the LORD, and nothing can take that away from me. So, that makes me happy. Now I have both happiness AND joy, and ya can’t beat that with a stick!!!

Wins Day – Twice Blessed


I missed my Twos Day posting, out partying with my friends. Yes, we had a grand celebration! What were we celebrating? Our friend’s 40th spiritual birthday. He gave his life and his heart to the Lord July 31, 1972, and never looked back, and we were privileged to share in that 40th celebration. So…I guess I gave up on Twos Day – but hey, now it’s WINS DAY! And I have some Wins Day news to share.

I just had a wonderful thing happen to me.

This is both humbling and honoring. Two people have nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award: The Blazing Trail and Pure Faith. You should go check out their blogs!  I very much appreciate being considered, not once, but twice.  I’m supposed to tell some things about myself (I’ll just refer back to my post about the One Lovely Blogger Award), display the award on my page, and then nominate 15 others. That’s a lot of nominating! Each one I’ve  listed is there because I’ve learned something from them that has helped me in my Christian walk, or I’ve been inspired in photography, or in finding ways to use things that might otherwise be discarded – or, I’ve just had a lot of fun reading their blogs. There might even be a couple listed here that have already received this award, but that’s OK, it won’t hurt to get a couple of them. 🙂 So . . . here goes!

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Twos Day – AGAIN?

I can’t believe how time flies. Seems it was Monday just yesterday.

Oh. Wait.

It WAS Monday yesterday.

Oh well, I’ll just go with the flow – of time, that is.

Y’know, some Twos Days it’s a little hard to think in tandem. Maybe if I had one of those tandem bikes . . . nah. I’d probably just fall off of it. Hey, then I’d have TWO skinned knees and I could use them for a Twos Day post.  Or………..maybe not.

Tonight I was thinking about the greenhouse and how it’s been doing, and I thought I’d just post a couple of update-type shots of the plants that are lovin’ their home. I don’t really think they want to move to the garden, and they may not. We got summer on a Thursday this year, and it stayed clear through til Sunday. Today and yesterday it was back to overcast and in the high 70s – once it even got to the low 80s. The most summer-like aspect of these days is the lack of rain.

These fellers are lovin the heat and the wind in the greenhouse. Hubby put a little fan in there to blow the air around, and the plants just started shooting up so fast he had to scramble for bigger pots for the tomatoes. I love it!!

tomato plants – then and now (see inset)

pepper plants – then and now (see ’em in the corner??)