I like to think of purple in many ways . . .

 violet . . . lilac . . . lavender . . .

What I don’t usually think of is weeds. But that’s what I’ve got this week to offer. Weeds. Thistles, to be exact.

I usually like to try to tie these WordPress Photo Challenges into my REmissionary theme in some way. We’ve been working hard at raising a garden, and getting things a head start in the greenhouse, and in using what’s on hand to make planters and so forth. I wish I had some really cool shots of purple planters and lilacs and lavender and so forth.  But, sad to say, the only thing I have that fits this week’s purple theme are these pesky thistles.

They are trying very hard to take over the entire property again. Hubby has fought them valiantly since we bought the place, but it seems to be a losing battle. There are so many more of them than there are of us! He just keeps pluggin’ away at it, though. Since we don’t spray (especially if it’s a Monsanto product), we do weed control the old-fashioned, biblical way, by hand and sickle.  Well . . . not entirely the biblical way. They didn’t have tractors in Bible times.

33 thoughts on “Purple

    • Thanks so much. I was trying so hard to capture it with its wings still. Lord willing, some day I’ll get a fancy new camera that can do that. But I’m thankful for the camera I have now too.


      • You inspired me so much with this photo of the bee at work. I was taking photos of my camellia and noticed a few bees buzzing about. I took more blurry shots than good ones. Gee those little guys work fast and are gone before the shutter can catch them. It was great fun. Thanks for inspiring me.


        • oh, that just made my day. that’s one of the reasons I got into this blogosphere, to share ideas and inspirations and just have fun. thanks so much for letting me know. love your bee photo you posted, by the way.


  1. We tend to leave the thistles because we love the Goldfinches that enjoy them so much. Of course, that policy extends to everything else in the yard, sadly.

    I like the bee.


    • thanks – I like the bee too. I wonder, though, if the goldfinches are going to the natural version of the thistles instead of coming to the bird feeder for the thistle seed. Very few this year have been seen. I miss them – reckon I’ll have to birdwatch out in the fields!


    • Thank you so much…my hubby says weeds are just misplaced flowers. I say they’re just weeds. But the Lord gave beauty even to them, so I’m thankful for the beauty around me.


  2. Oh wow! the moment I arrived to your site, the first I saw was your purpled-background banner and word Purple on the right hand side. Did I click it? Of course I did! I am big fan of all shades of purple. It’s like magnet to me… in fact the purple color is hypnotic! ha ha. I love these flowers. And that bee, especially. Well done for this photo challenge! 😉


    • I do have the random images, but using that would make the banner go away, I think. I have the things I’ve made in a file called, “All My Stuff.” Reckon I’ll have to give this some more attention!!


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