Why A Spencer Is Better Than An Oreck

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen floor, NOTHING works better than a Spencer. I’ve had many different floor cleaners, and I realize Oreck is a good brand, but come on, let’s get real here. It doesn’t hold a candle to a Spencer. Why do I say that? Well, I will enumerate.

1. Suction Power: A Spencer leaves no crumb unvacuumed. Where an Oreck might miss the crumbs in the corners and under my feet while I’m cooking, I can always count on my Spencer to find every single one – whether I’m standing on it or not.

2. Removal of waste: A Spencer has a self-emptying bag. An Oreck must be emptied periodically to keep it from becoming gorged with floor-gunk, whereas my Spencer empties itself, without my help. But then . . . I do have to remember where it empties, and avoid that area until its contents have solidified.

3. Thoroughness: An Oreck just vacuums up the debris. My Spencer not only sucks up every single crumb in sight, but it also licks up any little grease spots in the process. When my Spencer is finished, the floor looks like it’s been mopped! Just try to get an Oreck to do that!!

4. Storage: After using an Oreck, it must be put away in the closet. A Spencer puts itself away!

5. Trip hazard: The electrical cord on an Oreck is long and one must be careful not to trip over it. A Spencer is self-propelled. No cords to worry about – but there may be just the slightest danger of getting rear-ended.

6. Cost: An Oreck is expensive. A Spencer works for Kibbles. And Bits. But mostly Kibbles.

7. Ease of operation: I have to push the Oreck around in front of me and direct it toward the item I want picked up. It can be tiring and slow. A Spencer not only is self-propelled (see item #5), but is also extremely fast. My Spencer is fine-tuned to sense where the crumbs and bits of food are about to fall, and can dart in almost before they hit the floor. A couple of times I’m sure they were caught in mid-air.

8. Motivation: An Oreck just sits there, waiting for me to force it into action. My Spencer is ready to work as soon as I get up in the morning, and leads me to the kitchen.

9. Multi-Use Function: An Oreck only cleans floors. My Spencer can find crumbs and remove them instantly from floors, beds, couches, shirts, and bathrobes, and can even clean any stray food particles from between my fingers. It would work just as well on faces if I’d allow that, but that’s what napkins are for. My Spencer is a floor-cleaner, face-washer, foot-warmer, lap-quilt, intruder-alert, guest-greeter, deer-stalker, and best buddy. Now I ask you, can an Oreck do all that?

10. And finally, unlike a Spencer, an Oreck has no personality.  I rest my case.

David Oreck’s got nuthin’ on me!

This was written in response to this week’s WordPress writing challenge, and naturally, I neglected to provide a link to that so you could go see what others are writing. OOPS!! Anyway…hope you enjoy my top-ten list.

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101 thoughts on “Why A Spencer Is Better Than An Oreck

  1. Love it! I have two Spencer-substitutes; they sometimes fight over who picks up the debris, but if one spots something, you can bet the other one will be right there to investigate and help with the cleaning!!

  2. Woohoo for endorphins!
    I love this post. I think these are the best 10 reasons I’ve ever read for getting a dog, and I hope to have my own Spencer-type soon.

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed :-)

  3. I agree. My feline, Mylar, is equally up to the challenge. However, as payback, she sheds her long hair all over the place. The only way to clean up all that hair? With a vacuum. :| Pets to clean up the whole house, vacuums to clean up after the pets.

    • I think Spencer actually resents the presence of the vacuum. He barks at it and chases it every time I get it out, but runs with his tail between his legs if it looks in his direction. Funny boy…but yep, I do have to use it periodically to remove the doggy hairs. Oh well. It has its uses. :-)

    • Thanks so much – for thinking Spencer is adorable, and for the congrats on FP. He was in there ‘helping’ again today as I made granola bars.

    • Thanks so much. Yes, he is a very special little guy. Who wouldn’t love him?? And to think he was given to us – she actually offered to PAY us to take him. duh – of course we’ll take him (she had two other dogs that weren’t meshing well with him, and she wanted him happy)

      • Do you ever wonder who saved who? The same situation with my current dog. She was found tied to a fence on the Thruway during a snow storm. The DOT plow driver cut her leash and put her in his truck. His dogs didn’t like her and her owner couldn’t be found. I took her home – it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She brings so much happiness to my life and is loved by everyone she meets.

        • Tied to a fence – oh, that is so sad and makes me mad to think of! Spencer was actually in a loving home (thankfully!) but she just had too many dogs that weren’t getting along (he was the puppy and of course, the brat of the three). I’m so glad she begged us to take him. I’ve never regretted it!!

  4. I, too, have a few organic vacuums. If I let them, they even would expand into dishwasher territory (but I do not appreciate doggy lips on my plates, cups and cutlery). Spencer is a handsome fella–I’m sure he takes his job very seriously. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    • Thanks so much – and I love the name of your blog, by the way! Yep, Spencer has offered more than once to save electricity and do the dishes for us. So far no go. :-)

  5. We have a Charlie. He doesn’t clean up everything but does come in handy as a leftovers disposal unit, and he is part Poodle so we don’t have any hair shedding issues. Great post, and Spencer is gorgeous!!

    • Charlie sounds adorable – and efficient! About 20 years ago, my late husband and I had a cockapoo (I think that’s what he was called), a cocker spaniel/poodle mix. Our kids LOVED that dog. He didn’t shed either.

      • at birth she was brown, but she has transformed into a grey, black and white. Odd I know, but we couldn’t possibly rename her. I have a picture of her in my recent post #malarkey!

  6. Your Spencer apparently has better attention than a Phoebe. Or a less discerning palate. A Phoebe carefully samples the crumb that has fallen. If it is tasty enough, a Phoebe will carry it to her bed to savor. If not, a Phoebe leaves masticated pulp on the floor.

    Congrats on FP!

    • Ah yes, the Phoebes in our lives. They’re so special, even when they don’t do general cleanup. Thanks for the congrats, and for sharing Phoebe…I can imagine her being a cutie.

  7. Thanks for the smile, it reminded me of the Brutus model my parents had. It not only cleaned up the crumbs, and got rid of the grease spots, but on occasion prevented the mess in the first place, by intercepting the offending item before it reached the floor.

      • Yes but the Brutus model had a quirk that drove my parents crazy. When it was just family over, he never sought items before they dropped towards the floor. However if non family guests were present, he felt it was his duty to relieve them of items they might potentially drop onto the floor.

        • Oh – if you could see me laughing right now! That is just. tooooo. funny!! I can actually picture the scene in my mind.

    • Aw…that’s a bummer. People who are like that miss out on so much, I believe. Just think of the great free publicity he could have gotten just by being a decent guy! His loss. So glad Spencer loves everybody and shows it!

  8. Great post – thanks for the smiles. Spencer’s handsome, kind face could sell some dog food. Bubble, my beagle-English bulldog mix extends his vacuuming duties to the elevator in my building. This can prompt interesting remarks and looks from the non-pet people in my building.
    Spencer looks somewhat athletic. Does he chase squirrels? ‘Squirreling,’ if I may coin the term, is one of my dog’s primary passions, running a close second to sniffing. My dog will climb trees in his efforts to catch those furry, tail-flicking fellows. Interestingly, I’ve also found that tail-flicking behavior particularly provocative.
    Congrats on being FP! Hugs to Spencer!

    • Well, as for his athletic abilities…he would chase squirrels if he got a chance. He does a pretty mean mole-hole right now. But the squirrels, deer, and wild turkeys all know where his electronic fence is, and (true story – I’ve witnessed it) stay just on the other side and look at him. His vocal cords are in pretty good shape, but those little drivers don’t take him very far unless we’re out for a walk. But he loves the movie “Up” – especially Doug.

  9. Hmmmm LubbyGirl one thing you forgot to mention about Spencer, apart from not needing electricity he can even clean in the dark and not miss a crumb, well at least my M and M’s can. :roll: Wow am I bragging or what! but they are very smart when it comes to food!

    Thank you, I’m still laughing, you are in need of a Award, see link below …you made a great start to my day, I came back to comment, I was in a rush before, I just love your humour, it’s clean, witty and very funny. Ron likes it too, you can raise a laugh from just everyday life, that is a wonderful gift.

    Blog Post – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/just-kidding-award/

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • OK…this is the THIRD TIME I’ve hit the Reply button and all those hard-won, well-thought-out words just disappeared before I could finish. *sigh* Well…maybe they weren’t really THAT thought-out…nor hard-won…but they were words! I kept trying to say (in my usual verbose fashion) that I truly appreciated this wonderful comment, and am going to follow that link just as soon as I can get this Reply button to comply with my command. OK…here goes…Reply button: REPLY!!!

  10. I’m always kind of happy to be a pre-freshly-pressed blog follower – well, the two or three times I have, anyway. Your Spencer is a handsome pooch, and probably no longer in need of an agent at this point!

    • Well, he tried to hire me as his agent, but frankly, I hate Kibbles. He’s now waiting for that recommendation from your cats. I think I could persuade him to share some Meow-Mix for a really good lead.

    • Thanks so much…how can ya NOT love ‘em!! He provides us with so much unconditional love. I think he releases endorphins too – but that’s what doggies do, so I’m OK with that.

  11. this makes me remember, when we were little, my dad had a fox terrier and everytime my mom dropped food on the kitchen floor, she’d go to find something to clean with, but dad said “no wait! i have a better option!” and open the door for the dog.
    “now it’s clean!” he’d say, after the dog happily ate all hahahaha. and my mom was always asking “why is the dog always near the dog when i drop something?! how does he knows?!”
    those beautiful blue eyes of your spencer!!

    • Aw, I loved reading that! Thank you for sharing it. Spencer is like that – he knows when we’re cooking and never leaves the kitchen, although he’s not allowed in the actual cooking area (that’s when he darts in, grabs the crumb, and darts back out). And thank you…I think he has pretty blue eyes too. I think that’s why he’s called a blue dapple doxie.

  12. Lol this is so funny and true! I have my own “Spencer” and I must tell you he does an amazing job! An added bonus: he helps to keep me in shape!….ALWAYS wanting to go on long walks for exercise and tricking me into giving him half of my food whenever I’m eating. Gotta love doggies!

    • See, he’s multipurpose too, like my Spencer! :-) Spencer would go on long walks every day too, if I weren’t so laz – uh – tired every day after work.

  13. Sorry for my very late reply to this post, but I only found your blog today while searching for other blogs doing the DPchallenge. Browsing around your blog, I came across this and I had a good hearty laugh! Well done Spencer! You sound like my Chester.

    • Hi Hilda – thanks for the comment! Yeppers, Spencer is always giving us stuff to laugh about, one of the reasons we love his little fat hairy self so much!! :lol: No doubt Chester offers his own moments of mirth too.

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