Are We Happy Yet?

Oh, the joys of facing a challenge head-on, and keeping my head on in the process! Yes, that makes me happy. I had to narrow my selection of happy photos down, though. THAT didn’t make me so happy. Oh well, I’ll try to pull out a few I haven’t featured. And THAT makes me happy. It’s just . . . well . . . all those wonderful, happy-happy, unnoticed photos . . . . *sigh* They aren’t so happy being passed over. But they’ll have their day! Now they’re happy again. We’re ALL happy – so can we just get on with it now? OK. Here we go.

It was hard to narrow these down to just nine out of oh, 5000 or so – but hey, that’s part of being challenged, isn’t it? Numerically-challenged . . . vertically-challenged . . . verbally-challenged . . . digitally-challenged . . . challenge-challenged. Whatever.

Anyway, I thought this would be a great chance to incorporate two photo challenges into one, so I chose all animals for this one, in honor of Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?, who has a weekly challenge on animals this week. This is also in response to this week’s WordPress photo challenge, Happy. Hey – I just realized – this also qualifies for my (drum-roll please) Twos Day posting! Clever, eh? Or…….maybe not. Oh well; go ahead, click on the links to see what others are so happy about, and what animals others love.

8 thoughts on “Are We Happy Yet?

    • Thank you for the invite; the horses live next door and the hummingbird is a backyard buddy. I just went and looked at your challenge. I might have a go at it, when I get to feeling better (have a little coughy right now – I’d rather have coffee though)


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