Mixin’ It Up

What. A. Week! It was a mix of good, bad, and ugly. And great. Really great.

The week was absolutely gorgeous, weather-wise. We began the weekend with general cleaning and preparing for company. Good. 

Last Saturday I vigorously attacked Weed City – for an entire afternoon. I think I’m getting old. Or lazy. Either way, the battle was joined, and the score was weeds: won, me: wan. I gave up and went inside to lie down with a damp cloth and a glass of whine. Bad.

Sunday I began to suspect this wasn’t just my normal whine – I really WAS sick. I spent most of the week in bed or wandering around the house in my bathrobe, coughing and whining and moping and moaning, and then repeating the process every hour. My annual bronchitis made an early appearance and very nearly put me under the table and over the edge – yes, it CAN be done. Ugly.

Anyway…I was home sick (not homesick), but managed to get in some blogging and blog-reading during my waking hours. The weekly writing challenges issued by WordPress are quite fun to try, so I did. Try them, I mean. As I currently do three (count ’em!) blogs, I have ample opportunity. So, I posted my entries for the challenge here and on Lovin the Trip. Being sick does afford certain luxuries – one of which is time to write, if my body isn’t rebelling so much I can’t. Anyway, I wrote. And that released endorphins, which made my body begin to heal faster, I am totally convinced. And that writing was rewarded by being Freshly Pressed – both articles!! That released some MAJOR endorphins – I felt like a new woman! I was up and around after only one week, instead of my usual two weeks with bronchitis. Great. Really Great!

Besides writing, I also got in some good blog-reading. I found a couple of really cool ideas on two of the blogs I follow, and wanted to try them. Naturally, my rendition didn’t turn out exactly like theirs, but close enough for government work (my government-employee friend used to get so mad when I’d use that phrase).

First, I found a fall decorating idea on Pillows-A-La-Mode, using a cupcake stand, bow-tie, pretty material, and little pumpkins. You really should go look at her finished product; I loved it! But since I was lacking a couple (OK . . . all) of the key ingredients, I had to become a quick-change artist in my own right. So, I used a plate stand instead of the cupcake stand – at least it has cute little leaves on it, so it kinda looks autumny (yeah, I know, that’s not a real word). I had no pumpkins (yes, we have no lil’ punkins, we have no lil’ punkins today), so I substituted what I did have in abundance: yellow tomatoes and green apples. Plate stands are not as artistically appealing as cupcake stands for this type of display. I feel the need for a cupcake stand; did I mention how susceptible I am to the power of suggestion? Ah, but I digress, as usual. She used a lovely piece of cloth under her stand; I had an upholstery sample and a quilted placemat. They sufficed. I didn’t have a bow-tie either, so the top of the stand is in casual dress.

OK…top of display done…now…what to do for the bottom? I didn’t have any more yellow tomatoes, and still hadn’t found any cute lil’ punkins. My half-baked tomato/apple stand just stood there – bottomless. On another site I follow, table of colors, I found a recipe for some yummy granola bars. I won’t repeat the recipe here (go read it, it’s great), other than to mention my own changes. Naturally, I can never, EVER seem to follow a recipe exactly as written – in this case, I added a handful of coconut and our own homegrown-and-dried cherries.

Well, folks, there ya have it. This is what I do when I have some time on my hands. Hubby added his contribution to the decor, but I forgot to take a picture, so you’ll have to imagine this whole stand completely surrounded by jars of apple sauce he’d just canned from our apple trees.

punkin substitutes and yummies

This is as close as I could get – but I tried! (by the way . . . that pink bamboo on the wall . . . not wallpaper. I painted that with these two little puffy hands. Just thought I’d throw that bit of horn-tootn’ in there) These granola bars are delicious!!!

granola bar and a cuppa – aaahhh

15 thoughts on “Mixin’ It Up

  1. Due to the haunting of hunger, the yellow tomatoes went into salsa, and the apples will be dried, smooshed or consumed the old fashion way. And now that I am reminded, there are the chocolate breakfast bars to eat.


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