a whole new way to garden – and a whole new sewing room! soon

We’re still in the process of upheaval, but we’re getting there, and Lord willing I’ll actually have something fun to share. We’ll be giving up some wonderful things, but getting something in return.

For one thing, we’ll no longer be enjoying the greenhouse. But that’s OK – we’ll learn container gardening, a whole new avenue for us. And we’ll have no guest room, but I’ll have my own sewing room…no more sharing the corner of our bedroom. And honey will no longer have that huge shop, completely filled with … uhm … stuff. But he will have a very small workroom all his own. We’re both excited and nostalgic at the same time. Oh. Wait. How can you be nostalgic about something that hasn’t even happened yet?

The moving sale was somewhat underwhelming the second/third day, but rather like a melee the first day. I was on the verge of singing a line from an old song on Sunday, slightly altered to fit the situation…”Oh, no, don’t let the rain come down. My yard’s got a sale in it, and it might drown.” OK, so I won’t feed my family by rewriting old songs – but you get the picture.

Well, off to earn enough money to feed the family, using a slightly more productive method. I’ll be back, with pictures, I hope! Look for me around the middle of July or thereabouts. I’ll be the one all bent over under the load of fabric and carrying a sewing machine in each hand.


13 thoughts on “a whole new way to garden – and a whole new sewing room! soon

    • It’s a stretch for me, but I am really working on learning patience. It’s good for me to have to wait on things…they’re so much more precious when they do come.


  1. Having more room means having more stuff to fill the rooms means having more stuff to take care of, so I think you are smart in downsizing. I’m thinking of tossing everything we have in the upstairs rooms through the window and out into the yard below. Then putting up a FREE sign and within days I’m sure that most everything (except what doesn’t break during the fall) will be gone within days. No sense in doing the back breaking work of transporting it all downstairs and haggling over whether you’ll accept a dollar or just 50 cents for an item! In my dreams, anyway!


    • OH.MY.GOODNESS! I just ’bout cackled out loud when I read this – SO my thoughts!!! If I had an upstairs I would be sorely tempted this direction. As it was, we sold a bunch of stuff, gave a bunch more away, and only lost a few items to people with ‘creative’ ways of shopping. All in all, it was a good time, and I’m thankful for the way it went, but I am DONE with moving sales! 😆


  2. Great to hear from you again Linda. I was only thinking about you the other day when I got the urge to make another bag. Haven’t done it yet but at least I had the thought. Good luck with the move and setting up your own sewing room. I am very envious of you as it will be a decade before I get my own sewing room. Take care Linny


    • Hi Linny! Yes, it’s been quite the adventure so far, but one I’m willing to allow to die a natural death, just as soon as it hits full maturity. 😆 I am SO looking forward to this adventure being finished and its offspring – the new adventure – beginning! Just think…my very own sewing room. *sigh*


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