well, whadya know? I HAVE done some sewing!

It’s been a bit longer than I’d hoped to be away from blogging, almost a whole month. We had big visions of being completely moved by now, with my new sewing room all set up and operational, and hubby’s new container gardening project in full swing. Not so.

It’s been one delay after another, but I’m still trusting the Lord to make it happen. I will just have to accept that it’s not in MY timing, but His. Sometimes it’s harder to learn to trust and wait than other times.

In the meantime, we haven’t been totally idle. What we didn’t sell at the moving sale, we gave away. Oh, and I’m tellin’ you what’s the truth with my hand up – there is a certain amount of purely selfish joy in seeing someone so happy to receive a gift. The twin bed was considered a God-send by the lady who received it. That absolutely made. my. day! I reckon the wait is worth it, if there are such rewards.

Anyway – before I packed every single sewing item I own away, I did manage to finish the matching zip pouch that goes with the patchwork purse. Looks kinda cool, actually. And naturally, I had to change the pattern a bit and add inside pockets, to match the purse. They’re just big enough to hold a credit card (which I don’t have) or a gift card (which I do have). Yah, you know me – gotta have pockets!!

Lord willing, I can get back to sewing, and maybe even gardening, soon. We’re praying for the closing to be on the set date this time, which means I’ll get to use my new sewing room before the end of the month! Yippee!!! I wonder what kinds of treasures I’ll find when I unpack all my sewing stuff? Things I forgot I had will jump out and greet me with a great big, “Hello! Remember me?? Surprise surprise!!” Uff dah, I can’t wait!!


16 thoughts on “well, whadya know? I HAVE done some sewing!

  1. Very nice! Glad you are back to sewing and writing and hopefully getting settled in your new home. I too have started back to sewing, although my heart is not in yet, but I am getting there. Will email you soon….I have become the queen of procrastination!


  2. I wish you luck in moving house. Moving at any time can be stressful, but moving when there are delays is really not fun!
    On the upside – the joy of rediscovering treasures in your sewing will balance it all out I am sure!! I love the purse – and the pockets, which I am a little partial to myself!


    • Well, Lord willing, this whole saga will come to a grand finale soon, and we’ll be totally immersed in new-house news. I am so much looking forward to being unpacked!


    • thanks so much – I love it too! And the great thing is, it fits inside the bigger patchwork purse, for when a person feels like carrying a bit more than just a driver’s license and a few bucks. πŸ™‚


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