So, I saw that this week’s photo challenge is “Vivid.” I guess that could be interpreted in  a number of ways. I consider it an invitation to share recent events that produced vivid memories.

We took another little short road trip this past weekend, up to Port Angeles, Leavenworth, and Wenatchee, WA. We had a nice long walk through the Olympic National Forest, at Hurricane Ridge. What a beautiful place. And what vivid colors! I tried making a panoramic shot, just to show the beauty of Hurricane Ridge. Enjoy the vividicity (just made that word up…it’s not patented. You can use it).

Doesn't this just make you want to travel!!

Doesn’t this just make you want to travel!!

Our stop in Leavenworth was very short – hey, it was HOT there!!! But we did visit a few interesting shops. I found some fabric (like I need more fabric!!!) at a cool little place that sported a Jewish flag and a Christian flag out front. We had to go in that one, even though we weren’t sure what they sold. I thought it was a fabric store, and hubby thought it was a hotel. Turns out we were both right. One side was a fabric store, and the other was a small hotel. 🙂

I love the fabric, and can’t wait to make some fun stuff with it. I’m seeing vivid pictures of a Bible cover, and some mug rugs, and maybe even a new oven mitt. Hey – I could make a wall hanging!

close-up of the fabric...I want to make a Bible cover from this!

close-up of the fabric…I want to make a Bible cover from this!

After we left Leavenworth, we decided to visit Waterville, and ran into an old friend we hadn’t seen since her 8-year-old was a baby. What fun to see her and 3 of her kids (the 4th one was staying with my cousin for the summer, I discovered). No photos of the kids, sorry…don’t have her permission…but just take my word for it. They’re adorable!! Their grandmas are staying with them for awhile, and one has white hair. The middle son, age 10 (I think), looked at his grandma and then at me, and said, “Hey, you guys have the same hair…” Of course, you know what I thought right away……….. “yeah yeah, I know, I know, I’ve got no color left in my hair.” Then he finished his sentence, “…it’s curly!” 🙂

We stayed a couple of nights in Wenatchee and visited with another good friend and family – who also have adorable kids. No pics of them either – battin’ a thousand in the family pic department this week. But the memories of the visits are worth a thousand pics, so that counts for something, doesn’t it?

We decided to come home early and get some work done before going back to work next week (y’know, somehow that just doesn’t sound right). We’re planning to fill the house with people this coming weekend, and it would be only fitting and proper if the kitchen were in usable condition first. I’ll share one or two shots of this project at some future time, when it’s finished.

I’m loving being at home these last few days, working if I feel like it, or sitting and doing nothing if I feel like it – but hubby gets a little stir-crazy. He has to be building something, or working on something, or going somewhere.  You know the old saying about three days’ worth of guests and fish? Well, for him, hanging out at the house for three days can produce the same side-effect. He’s been watering and pruning and transplanting plants, putting in the new kitchen sink (and the new pull-out garbage can holder), cleaning up the brush pile I made last week in the back yard, and now he’s finally sat…oh, wait…no…he’s started building the new greenhouse!

I’ve been sitting here in the back yard, soaking up the evening rays, writing my little posts, and thinking about doing some serious housework…sometime. But I can’t take all this feverish activity; he’s making me feel guilty with all that work he’s putting out. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to get up and do something. I know – I’ll go inside.

I’ll just sit in here and think about sewing. That always calms me down. Hmmm…maybe a new purse for my son’s girlfriend.  My son picked out all this fabric for my birthday – I think he’s got good taste. Most of it is fat quarters. A lot can be done with fat quarters. If I can make a purse from a whole bunch of little tiny strips of fabric, just THINK what can be made from a whole quarter-yard! Feast on this eye candy, and send your thanks to my son. 🙂

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Hey, I might do something productive soon. It could happen.


Now, what state do we live in again??

We’re finally home, after three weeks, 19 states, and 7460 miles on the road. Some states were merely corridors to pass through to the next state. In some I only got a few drive-by shootings as I went, but at least those pictures tell a general story of the areas we passed through. The problem with many of those photos was that I don’t know the first thing about lighting.

Well – let me rephrase that. I do know the first thing about lighting: that you have to have it. It’s that second thing, and all subsequent things, that gets me bumfuzzled. I won’t quit my day job to be a photographer, but I enjoyed taking them.

We created memories every single day. And when anything went not exactly according to plan (like being asked to leave a restaurant), or didn’t quite meet our expectations (like the very next restaurant), or was just plain out-of-the-usual-routine (like that tarantula’s warning), we just said, “Oh well, it’s all part of the experience.”

We added quite a few “experience enhancers” to this trip, but overall it’s been a wonderful, once in a lifetime vacation.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was when my sister and I decided to visit an antique store in Corydon, Indiana. No, the store itself wasn’t an antique – it sold antiques. I found a piece of fabric there that I just had to buy. Hubby thought I might possibly be wasting my hard-earned $20 for this purchase.  But hey, what can I say? I like fabric.


the fabric I found in Corydon

My sister at first thought it was barkcloth (I didn’t hear a sound from it myself), but it turned out to be cotton jacquard. Since I’m not very good at fabric identification (I can usually tell the difference between cotton and silk, at least), I looked it up online. The selvedge had the name of the designer (Raymond Waites), the pattern name (Ancient King), and the fabric store where it was sold (Mill Creek Fabrics). I saw that it was selling for about $16 per yard (+ shipping) on eBay, so I thought $20 for 3 yards was a pretty good deal. See, honey – I WASN’T wasting my hard-earned $20!!

We probably took close to 2000 photos altogether, but I’ll only share a few of my favorites. Hubby was having a wonderful time, in his favorite type of landscape – rocks and trees. We saw LOTS of rocks and trees!

Anyway, we’re back to work and to our regularly scheduled programs. How were YOUR last three weeks??

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I think I’m tired

How long have we been traveling now? Let’s see . . . I think it’s been 12 days. No – 14 days. Longer?? I think I’m tired.

But it’s been fun so far, even with the little quirks in the GPS, and the quirky little navigator 😆 who makes certain miscalculations (quite innocently, I assure you!), and the pilot who is patient with his navigator’s bossiness – and the rather interesting places and people we’ve encountered.

We’ve gone through about 13 states so far, had lots of ‘experiences,’ and made memories. We’ve climbed to the pinnacle…


descended to the depths…

Indiana Jones? No, Indiana Caverns

Indiana Jones? No, Indiana Caverns

gotten caught in thunderstorms…

soaked in Dollywood

soaked in Dollywood

outran tornadoes, gripped the steering wheel during high winds, and made huge inroads into developing our farmer’s tans.

The sewing machine is relaxing in the back of the car. I haven’t used it since making the curtains, but it performed well for that time in its life. Now it’s getting a free ride home while we cruise the countryside.

I just wanted to share a few pictures that represent the total experience. How has your week been going?

Have Machine, Will Travel

Five days on the road, bookin’ it to Kentucky! We’re here to see more family – especially our new grandson. What a cutie he is, too!!! I just wish I could figure out how to post those cute videos. Ah well, in time.

We got here just in time to help paint our grandson’s play room and make curtains for it – the whole reason for bringing my sewing machine cross-country. Did you figure that out without my help?? Thought so. 😆

Yesterday we went fabric shopping. We chose a dark purple quilting fabric and white lining. Why white? Well, that window gets lots of sun, and I didn’t want the lining to show any window-shaped fade marks.

Oh. Did I mention that this is my first EVER attempt at making lined curtains? Yup. Maybe I should’ve gotten a pattern.

While I spent the entire day sewing, hubby was painting the play room. Isn’t it nice to be needed!! Who else would drive clear across the country just to fix up a grandchild’s play room?? Yah, I know – doting grandparents. 😆 It’s a very bright room, with three walls almost lime green and one blue accent wall. Brightly colored circles are to be randomly painted on the walls. The purple in the curtains matches one of those colors. I don’t think we’ll be here to help paint those circles, but we got enough done so our family can finish the rest at a more leisurely pace.

These pictures are as close as I can get to the actual colors.

Our job’s done here. Time to move on. Next stop: Tennessee and South Carolina!!

bookin’ on down the road

I’ve always liked my late husband’s description of traveling in a hurry – bookin’. Well, that’s what we’ve done for the last few days. Booked.

We made a marathon of getting from Idaho to Illinois. That meant, of course, lots of drive-bys if I wanted any pictures at all. So most photos from WY, NE, IA, and MO were taken as we drove down the highway.

Getting to actually stay in one place more than one night has been a great thing. We arrived at our Illinois destination just minutes after midnight Sunday morning, instead of 11:30 Saturday night. That was only because our GPS had a momentary lapse in good judgment; she took us all the way through town and had us headed to the next one. Well, we knew that was wrong! I think that shook her confidence a little, to discover that she’d cost us extra time. It must have also stirred up her motherly instincts (can a GPS be a mother??), because on the way back through town, she developed a concern for our nourishment. Instead of directing us to the address we wanted, Ms. GPS decided she knew better, and directed us to the local McDonald’s. And it wasn’t even open!

Poor frazzled Ms. GPS. I almost felt sorry for her. Fortunately my sister saved the day and gave us verbal directions to her house. In the end all was well; we enjoyed our time with them and with my brother. And he likes his oven mitts, thankfully! My sis likes her tortilla warmer, oven mitt, and hot pad too, so that marathon sewing adventure before leaving the house was worth it. But, alas, today is back to work for these folks, so we’re heading on down the road to KY for more visiting, and a chance to use that sewing machine in the back of the car.

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