the blessings of brutality

Sleep was long in coming. The job must be done, and no one could do it for me. Facing tomorrow with such dread, I fought all night with myself in my dreams.

I just can’t do it. I love them. 

You love them? How can you say that?? You keep them locked away, out of sight, and never even talk to them!

Well, that may be true. But I think about them a lot; doesn’t that count as loving them?

Look, it’s worse to let them stay and ignore them. At least this way they can die with dignity.

I can’t abandon them. They’ve been here for years. They’re part of the family. 

You have to be brutal.

But I’m not the brutal type.

Sure you are – anybody can be. Go ahead, let go and let your inner brutality shine through. You’ll feel much better about yourself, I promise.

NO. I can’t do it. It’s murder!

Oh come on – it’s not murder. Think of it as mercy killing.

And I awoke. It was time for brutality. No prisoners, few survivors.

And it’s true, I did feel better afterward – refreshed, rejuvenated, ready to be brutal again.

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My summer of discontent

Well, the summer hasn’t gone exactly as planned.

My big vision was to pare down the content of the sewing room to a manageable level by making lots and lots of cute, adorable, useful stuff. And not bring more fabric in than what went out!

Didn’t happen.

Instead of making all those aforementioned items and discontenting my room, I have instead recontented it. I know, that’s not technically a word, but it fits. I used up a whoppin’ 3 yards of fabric, and brought in at LEAST 10…maybe more. Let’s see now, how does that compute? Goal: get rid of at least 10 yards. Reality: used 3 yards, brought in 10 more. Difference: a whole lot!

About the only thing I’ve actually made in the last few weeks (other than a huge mess, which doesn’t count) have been some tea towels and a skirt/blouse ensemble. And naturally, I not only made that ensemble – I proceeded to remake it . . . and remake it again. I must love my seam ripper a lot!

This is what happens to me when I try to be smart and enlarge a pattern without making a muslin first. The waistline on the blouse (Simplicity #1364) was pretty close – but the shoulders?? Not so much.

and this was after the second remake!

and this was after the second remake!

The shoulder seams hung down at least 1.5 inches below my actual shoulder; but hey, I got the sleeve size right, at least. And the skirt (Simplicity #1369) hung a bit low in the front and hiked up in the back – no doubt due to my lack of military bearing. That only took one remake, and doesn’t look all that bad now, at least not enough to keep me from wearing it.

I don’t feel too badly about all this, though, since I’ve not sewn a whole lot of clothes for myself, and have not tried to alter a skirt/blouse pattern in the recent past. Next time I’ll know a little bit more and maybe do a little bit better.

Not to be dissuaded from my goal, there is a WIP on the sewing room table, which should remove another item from my fabric inventory. I have an idea for a messenger bag and a jeans purse, thereby using up one entire pair of jeans and at least a yard of lining fabric.

What have y’all been doing this summer? Hope you’re contented with your (fill in the blank) ________ room content.

It’s late, so I must go do my nightly inspection now. Gotta check the inside of my eyelids for holes. Good night………………………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Saturday Sewing Circle starts Thursday

I am forever putting things down and forgetting where I put them. Thursday about 10 p.m. I was feeling kinda lost, and I wondered where I put myself. There I was, wandering through the house – Spencer at my heels, helping me look. He thought he’d found me in the kitchen, right near his doggy dish. But no . . . I found me in the sewing room, making a cute heart mug-rug. I found the idea for it on a new blog I just started following, called annearoundthecurve2. She has a link to the tutorial for these, if you’d like to try them also. I love her coasters! They’re done with reverse applique, a technique I’ve tried on purses in the past, but didn’t know it had an actual name. I used some of the lining fabric from the tote I made last weekend, and a piece of flowered fabric in my scrap bin. The little blue coaster I made in January; the heart one is bigger – more a mug-rug than a coaster. I like big mugs, what can I say?? These are so fun to make, and so quick, that I think I’ll make a pile of them when I’m feelin’ all scrappy and sewy but don’t want to start a big, involved project. Hey – I might even personalize them and embroider a name or something!!

Well, it’s Saturday, and I found myself back in the sewing room at 6 a.m. I thought to myself, “Lubby ol’ girl, why don’t you just start a Saturday Sewing Circle?” Which is what I did. I went around in circles in my sewing room, remaking things I’d already made. Why can’t just do it right the first time! Ah, but that is one of those deep, dark mysteries that rule my life. I decided the tote I made last weekend needed a flap added. I didn’t have any of the flowered fabric left, but I did have quite a bit in that keychain. So I took the keychain apart and used it for a flap.  I even redid the coin purse – just did not like those pulls, so I took ’em out and sewed them together to make a bigger loop on one side, and had a tiny piece for a pull on the other side. Yup, I was going in sewing circles, but I don’t think all this remaking was a total waste of time, because I do like the tote, the coin purse, and the keychain much better now. 

What are you doing this weekend?? Got any big makes going? Got any big remakes?? I’m going to make myself scarce now, and find something else that needs done/redone around here.

Did you hear that? I hear my name being called . . . .

What? What’s that? Oh, I need to make some bibs now? OK, be right there!!

Gotta go now, y’all. Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!! 😆