I want to become a blogger – what inspires the blahger in me

How in the world did I get to this point?? And what am I going to do with it, now that I have it? The blog, I mean. What am I going to do with this blog? Oh. Wait. What am I going to do with these THREE blogs??? (I’m either an overachiever or easily distra-oh look shiny thing-cted.)

It all began because of all those how-to sites I follow. The idea hadn’t yet occurred to me in the way-back time, when I first discovered the term “blog,”  to start my own – that was such a foreign concept. But these bloggy-things stumbled over into my corner of cyberspace, and I found myself mesmerized by their colors and photos and layouts and words and witticisms. Oh, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could do that!

Right about there, my charlie brown complex kicked in. Nope, not gonna happen, sez charlieboy. This ol’ gal has nothing to say that would interest anybody. Even my dog doesn’t listen to me. But the thought had been planted, and apparently in quite fertile soil. Not saying I have a dirty mind . . . just . . . a heavy coating of dust.

Anyway, the more I thought about trying a blog, the more intrigued I became with the possibility. But what kind?? A how-you-do-this-fun-thing one, or maybe how much I love traveling, or one about how the Bible impacts me? Or a combination of the three? I started with a how-you-do-this-fun-thing-let’s-travel-what-the-Bible-teaches-me blog. Yep, you got it. Too much too soon…overwhelmed and underdeveloped. I just about gave up and jumped ship right there right then. But I hung on, and decided to take a friend’s advice and try splitting my interests into three blogs. And that, my friends, is how they began. Now I can hunker down over the sewing machine or wander around in the garden on one blog, run around the country in our buzz-car with the hubby on another blog, and share how the LORD JESUS is guiding my life on a third one. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

WordPress has been great about offering writing challenges and photo challenges, and a veritable plethora of helpful hints for improving my blogs. I very much appreciate those encouragements, and would highly recommend every blogger to at least try one of the weekly challenges. This is the first time I’ve seen a midweek challenge, though, so I had to check it out. It’s all about sharing what inspires a person to blog, with a photo of oneself doing the thing that inspires blogging. So, here’s what inspired me in the first place – I wanted to grow up and become a blogger who inspires other people to do fun stuff, like sewing and traveling and studying the Bible. For my REmissionary blog, here is what I love to do:

What inspired you to begin blogging – or if you’re not yet a blogger, what would you love to begin blogging about?  You can click on the link above to share your own picture and story, and to see what others are saying about their inspiration.