A word of thanks and a haikudos

A haiku series, which I’ve never tried before, but will do so now.


See my smiling face?

I just got a lovely gift

from stitchinggrandma.

fat quarters etc


What’s in the package?

fat quarters, tote, seam ripper,

 and pin holder. YAY!

The Weekly Writing Challenge is about doing five posts of haiku. These two are to thank  fellow blogger Mary, at stitchinggrandma, for a package received today.

(I may get hooked on this haiku stuff!!)

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

travel trailer

Well, folks and fellers, we’re on the road again. But, contrary to the photo above, we’re not taking the whole house with us. That means my sewing machines are going through withdrawals. But it’s for a worthy cause, so I’ll just explain that to both machines when I get home. Somehow my son being around (watching the house for us while we’re gone) just doesn’t do the same thing for those machines. He never even looks at them, so they feel just the tiniest bit ignored. But Spencer is beside himself with joy; he loves my son!

All that to say that after the wedding and the road trip, I’ll be back finishing up some projects. I can’t WAIT to make something from those wonderful fat quarters I just won over on the blog, stitchinggrandma. Woo hoo!!

So, for the next few days be prepared to be bombarded blessed with photos and glowing accounts of California and wedded bliss. That is all. 😆

AWWWW . . . you’re SEW SWEET!

Anybody who knows me knows that I like to browse WordPress blogs in my Reader. I find a lot of information, and a huge amount of encouragement as I navigate Blog Creek (it runs right through Blogovia). And I like to enter contests and giveaways and stuff when I come across them; I entered another one just recently. And I won!! These note cards came in the mail today, from Vint Hill Vintage. Reckon I’ll be sending a few notes to a few folks now. Thanks, Erin!! I love them! 😀

I usually hang out in the sewing section of the Reader. When I came across Vint Hill Vintage, I saw that she had a tutorial on how to make scallops – something I’ve not tried before. Someday I plan to venture into dressmaking, so this will come in handy. Actually, it will come in handy now – I’m thinking I could use that skill on the next purse I make.

Now, back to these note cards. Check out the details on the girls’ ears – cute little earrings! OH – and . . . uhm . . . I guess I should say, these didn’t actually come pre-addressed. Photoshop is a wonderful thing. 😆

sew sweet

my allowance has moved

We’ve been budgeting for about 3 years now. One thing that keeps us on track and able to stick to said budget is an allowance. We pay ourselves, right along with the bills. I’ve been keeping mine in a little red plastic zip pouch. Not much to look at, but at least I know that any money in that little thing is mine, to spend any way I want.

Well, guess what? My allowance has a new home!! Nicole at a woven life had a birthday this month, and she was giving the gifts! I am now the proud recipient of her handmade (and very adorable) allowance pouch. I love the quilting on it, and the design. Every time I open it, I’ll be thanking her.

The wishbone is a perfect motif for this bag. I’ll call it my wishbag – it holds money to spend on things I love, something I wished for growing up. Now I’m blessed twice: having a little cash to spend any way I want, and having a cute place to store it.

You know, she even sent a Thank-You note in the gift!! Now, THAT is special. I can’t remember ever having been thanked by the person giving me the gift – usually it’s the other way round. Gotta say, right here right now —


new home

I got it

Thank you, sewloveable!!

Thank you, sewloveable!!

I got it! I got the package!! And just look what was in it – not one, but TWO patterns!!! Yup, now I gotta git er dun and learn to sew clothing too, not just purses and tortilla warmers.

Where did these patterns come from? Well, I’m glad you asked. In the evenings I love to relax and browse the sewing category on WordPress, to see what other people are sewing. I came across a blog, sewloveable, that was having a giveaway. I’m a sucker for giveaways, folks.  And. I. WON!!

So, Lord willing, that sewing room will be completely ready to use by the weekend, and next week I can actually start using these. Now I just need to find a 12-year-old girl that needs a new dress. There’s gotta be one around here somewhere. And that women’s pattern looks like a great candidate for a remake into an apron – yes, I do love aprons. Hey, I might even make a DRESS. It could happen. But it will not be as low-cut as the pattern, or else it will have an appropriately modest pullover underneath. Jes sayin . . . .

Oh – one more thing. She has a tutorial on an absolutely beautiful skirt that I just have to try. Go take a look. It’s really pretty.