So – I’ve been sew, sew busy!!

Seems like ten years since I’ve been here. Anybody home?? Hey, are ya in there???

Well, since the place appears abandoned, I’ll just sit down and make myself at home. I’ve got about 15 more dressy tea towels cut out, ready to make before November 14 (the BIG DAY) when I make my debut at the holiday bazaar. Well…technically…it’s not really my debut. I did this bazaar a couple of years ago and pretty much bombed. Being the glutton for punishment (or the chicken that wakes up in a new world every day) that I am, I’m going at it again. Full speed ahead!!

I won’t bore you with the details of each and every towel I’ve made, but just share some photos. I did try some different pattern ideas out – one with bodice pleats (very time-consuming), one with very slinky fabric (won’t do THAT again!!), a cross/body design, and even some for boys (loved doing these!).  Some were special orders that have already been delivered. Others are waiting their turn to be adopted at the craft bazaar.

I hope you enjoy these – and remember, I do special orders! 🙂


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