still dressin’ up

Seems like I just can’t stop making these little dressy tea towels. I’ve gotten rather fond of the little cuties, so much so that I’ve about decided to give them all names. I mean, after all…they ARE part of the family, and family members have names, don’t they?

The idea was to make a whole bunch for a Christmas bazaar at a friend’s church in November, so I made several…some of which I sold at the July Fourth sale, and many of which I just gave away. Time to make more! So I had several cut out and ready to put together, when another friend asked if she could take the ones I still had from the Fourth and show them to her coworkers.

I figured they might buy one or two. Sewwwwwwwwwwwwwww……… many did they buy, you ask (you didn’t know I heard you ask that, huh?) I started counting on my fingers, went to the toes, and decided I needed to count on hubby’s fingers & toes too. I ran out of fingers & toes. They bought all but about three of the ones my friend took, and ordered more. I’ve counted up to 27 so far, plus a whole bunch of the tortilla warmers and microwave bowl wraps. Whew!! That’s a lot of little dresses. And I still need to make some for the November sale. I’m lovin’ it!!

As I worked on all those little dressy tops, it occurred to me that there might be a better way to sew the front and the sleeves. I’d found the fix here for the neckline that had given me such trouble before, and I found her instructions for doing the sides of great help. But I wondered if I could just pull the front through one of the arm openings and put a seam in before sewing the sleeve areas shut. So I tried it. it worked! I don’t know if these photos will help or hinder, but here’s a snapshot of how I pulled them through, put the front seam in, and pulled them back through. I did the sleeves the same way, after sewing the front. I simply pulled them through the back side (it doesn’t get sewn shut until the towel is inserted). It seemed to be a lot faster doing the seams this way than pressing and top-stitching them shut.

So, here are the little girls I just finished and sent home to their new mamas. I’m not getting rich from making these (moneywise, at least), but I am paying for the materials, and I’m having a BLAST making them. That in itself is getting rich, to me. What makes you feel rich?

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