who said that!!

In our travels, we’ve come across some interesting, often pretty funny, signs. Every once in awhile I actually get a chance to take a photo of them. On our last little short trip, I spotted this one in a field. Hubby was nice and pulled over so I could get a picture.

anybody hungry?

anybody hungry?

As we went on down the road, we stopped at a little second-hand shop. I had to get a picture of that sign! If I had some things, I could no doubt sell them here.

got any things you want to sell?

got any things you want to sell?

At a farmer’s market, I noticed a fellow selling flowers. Nope, it wasn’t around Halloween.


But this was the topper. I have a whole LOT of dust collectors in my house, but nothing like this. Hey, anyone else have a super industrial-size dust collector in your living room??

industrial-size for big houses

industrial-size for big houses

13 thoughts on “who said that!!

  1. Bravo! I applaud your sense of humor and your photographic sense of dramatic timing. Your photos help all of us appreciate the little ironies and quirks in life a bit more. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. That was funny! We take many road trips and have often noticed funny signs but seldom can I get my husband to stop for a silly picture. He is a man with a mission when it comes to driving (so I get the being nice part)!

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  3. That is FUNNY that you say that!! My late husband would find himself in that same mindset, he used to say – he called it white line fever. My husband now sometimes gets into a ‘let’s get there!’ mindset, but on the whole, he’s quite happy to stop and look at whatever strikes our fancy. I love it!! 🙂


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