Did you miss me yet?

Well, hello there! Has anybody missed me yet? It seems that I will have to wait much, much longer than I thought to get my computer back. In the meantime, I’ve discovered that I can use my voice activated posting skills! Yay!

However, my voice activated posting skills do not include voice-activated photos. Oh, wait! I do have one or two pictures!

The brown fabric with the tassel looking things on it was a curtain. Yes, a curtain! It’s going to become – what else – a purse. The fabric with the palm trees – well, that will probably be the lining for the purse. It actually has more brown in it than the picture shows, so it does match the other fabric. Well…fairly well anyway.

So, what have you been doing with your time lately?



11 thoughts on “Did you miss me yet?

  1. I really like the fabric with the palm trees. I have some bathroom curtains that are very similar. I think your purse will be a hit. And yes, I did miss you, but I knew you had said there were computer problems, and my life has changed considerably over the last 2 or 3 years so that passage of time doesn’t seem to register on me the same way it used to. I don’t live on the schedules I used to live on, and that makes a big difference in how I relate to time. So I have to honestly say that I don’t even know how long it’s been since you made that last post. But it’s good to see you back on here with your interesting projects.

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  2. I’ve been AWOL from blogging longer than you… But I’m glad to see your latest inspiration. Those hammocks look good to me! Thanks for posting. Even little bits of news can inspire… I might just do something too.

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  3. So glad to see you on-line, even briefly! Hope that computer gets fixed asap. And you latest fabric finds – what can I say! Can’t wait to see how you incorporate all (some of?) that great print ~ and that fringe! WOW! Thank goodness your creativity didn’t leave with that computer. Hang in there ~ and keep sewing! xx del

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  4. Yes, I definitely missed your posts. So glad to see an entry from you – hope it won’t be long before you get the comuter back. I’m sure you will design a wonderful purse with the fabric. I keep looking at my hubby’s old denim jeans he gifted me…Surely I should be able to decide on a cute design — but this weather. Oh my, this weather is making me just want to hunker down with a book and a cup of hot tea. Come on spring!


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