The Render

Well, my computer is back in Dr. Son’s Computer Clinic. It’s going blind. Doc says the back lighting is gone and he must discover the cure. In the meantime, I am reduced to one-finger typing on my phone.

I haven’t been totally idle during this forced down time, but I’m not entirely happy with my ‘accomplishments’ these last few weeks.

Yesterday hubby was reading in Ecclesiastes 3:7, “A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.”

Well, as I said, I haven’t been entirely happy with my work. My render has been in high demand, and is still in need of a workout today. I attempted making a cross-shoulder bag from the red kimono. Meh. Maybe I should just rend it entirely and start over.

Maybe now is the time to keep silent about that.

I’ve not posted photos from my phone much (if at all), so I’m not sure how this will come across. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? There isn’t a lot I can do to adjust photos on the phone, but I did the best I could.

So, what do you think?? Leave it as is (smaller than I intended, a bit stiff on the top part), or take my render to it and start over?? Would you carry this purse??? I’m asking myself these questions in the bright light of the morning after finishing it.






13 thoughts on “The Render

    • Thanks so much. It kept shrinking before i could even get it made !! That fabric ravels a LOT. It ended up about an inch narrower than I began with, what with all the horses I changed in the middle of the stream.

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  1. It is adorable just the way it is! I really like it and I think the size is perfect for an evening out, a shopping trip or an outing when you’re just looking for a cute small bag.


    • Thanks so much. I actually did remake it just a tad – I cut the top front off and left the back part as a flap. And the chain I used was too flimsy ( it broke!) so I changed that. But that meant I had to change the hooks to gold color since the chain is gold color. I think I’ll leave it alone now!! 😀

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