Well, Happy New Year, y’all.

The year 2014, overall, was a good one – lotsa stuff a-happenin’. There were a few downers, as everyone will have in their lives. For instance, I didn’t reach the goals I’d set for myself on this blog (I really wanted to do at least one really smokin’ tutorial), but things were mostly very positive. We had wonderful times with friends over the year, had fun get-togethers, and got in some road trips – especially that cross-country one in June. What a blast!!

I also finished more projects than I thought, which was pretty cool. I sold a couple of things and gave a bunch more away, and still have a bunch left. I thought I’d share a few of the latest ones. The backpack purse was a challenge – naturally, no pattern, so I had to make one up. My coworker wanted one like hers, only a little bigger and with an outside phone pocket. I took pictures of hers, and used the photos to create a pattern. It actually turned out pretty good, all things considered – now I just need to make the backpack purse from the REAL pattern I have, that del from Curls n Skirls gave me. Thanks del!!


Then there were the dressy tea towels that were so fun to make. I even did one with a little collar! I kept that one, and gave some to our neighbors, and these four to my friend as a Christmas gift. She’d told me she wanted a complete wardrobe of dressy towels, so this is a good start. 🙂


the ones that went to my friend’s house

two of the ones that moved down the street

the ones that moved down the street

the one that stayed at my house

the one that stayed at my house

I made a couch pillow for another friend, from the sleeves of a kimono I got at the Humane Society Thrift Store. It was a HUGE kimono. I somehow don’t think it was made for a Japanese lady…it looked more like it would fit her sumo-wrestling brother. But very, very lovely fabric, and I’m sure glad it’s big. I think it must be about 2 yards or more of fabric, and all I used were the sleeves. Woo hoo!!

for another friend who loves red

for another friend who loves red

Speaking of Christmas…we had a very busy, blessed one. We had a houseful of family and friends, and a HUGE meal, and spent time sharing Christmas music. I also have to share my favorite Christmas present! This is what my hubby blessed me with:

Davis sewing machineMy brand new toy – and it’s only 100 years old! It has all the attachments, and the original (and very fragile) instruction book. I figured out how to wind the bobbin, which is a pretty interesting procedure, I just gotta say. Yes, I have sewn on it – not much, but I have. And I plan to do more; there’s quite a trick to making sure the treadle goes the correct way.

How was your 2014?? We’re looking forward to 2015. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I do have a goal or two. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually reach my goals this year. Hey, it could happen.


10 thoughts on “lotsa

  1. Happy New Year, Dear One, and thanks for the shout out.
    Wow! Your purse is sooo impressive, and that kimono fabric is to die for.
    ALL are wonderful makes … and that 100-year old sewing machine. What joy!
    All the best in 2015! xx


  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S! You are SO talented, and I loved seeing all you had made! That kimono pillow is exquisite, and what a very special gift from the hubs! We never know what a year may bring to get our goals all discombobulated! (I love that word!) I know that my year was truly changed – for both good, and not so good. It definitely changed my ability to be able to reach most of my goals! But God is faithful always! This year I do hope to do more blogging. Hope I can keep up! 🙂 ~ Carolyn


  3. Love your gift! My hubby gave me one a few years ago, I also have the instruction book and all the attachments, then we found out that our local museum has one exactly like it. Aren’t we lucky to have such loving hubbies! 🙂 How have you been – I know an email is long over due – I am finally having more good days than bad.

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    • I’m so glad to hear your days are getting better! I hadn’t been on WordPress much the last couple of months, but decided I needed to change my ways for the New Year (LOL) and try to be more consistent…both on WP and in emails.
      I’d love to see a picture of your machine – what maker is it? This one is a Davis; the “a” is worn away, probably from so much use over the years – I think it must be the perfect spot to lift the machine when cleaning it underneath, so it must’ve gotten a LOT of cleaning. LOL And yes, I am feeling very, very blessed to have been given such a loving husband.


  4. Happy New Year to you too! What an amazing Christmas present you received. It is so beautiful. Do you find it more reliable than the more modern machines? My grandmother’s machine (very similar) was always much better with tension than modern machines.


    • I do like the way it sews – it’s a vertical feed, which means there are no feed dogs, just the movement of the presser foot that keeps the fabric moving. The seam (I’ve only sewn one thing on it so far, silly me!) is very nice and even. I was in a hurry and wanted to finish the project, so I used the Viking to finish (buttonholes, etc). I need to finish reading the instruction manual to figure out how to use the attachments on the treadle, but I think I’m going to like it a lot.

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