no more vested interest

I finally finished using up that huge reversible vest, just about the time I lost interest in the whole project. That thing was big enough to get four purses and a clutch, with very few scraps. Not bad for a Goodwill find, eh? 🙂

Here are the last two purses I invested my time in, and the clutch made from the last little swatch of the fabric. The only ones I have left at home are the green-lined one and the clutch. All my other purses are gone begging; my friend is taking them to a Christmas bazaar at her church to try and sell them for me. I can’t be there myself because of other commitments, so she is a sweet friend to do this for me. I plan to give 20% of anything made from these to missions, and 10% to my friend for helping me out. The rest will be for Christmas gifts this year. Lord willing, they will ALL find a home. If not, then they will become Christmas gifts – so either way, they’ll find new homes. 🙂

You may need to click on these to make them more easily viewed. The gallery didn’t show them up very well.

The third one:

the fourth one:

. . . and that last little scrap:

exactly big enough for a clutch with 2 card pockets

Now on to other projects – like that backpack purse I’ve been meaning to make. I hope to have one done before Christmas. A coworker asked me to make her one, so I really need to make a prototype first so she can see if it’s a style she likes. Hey, no pressure, right?

8 thoughts on “no more vested interest

    • Aw shucks, thanks a bunch. I just hope they all sell tomorrow!! I did keep that last one (the green lining) and the matching clutch. But if somebody shows an interest, they’re outta here too! 🙂


  1. Linda, those bags are wonderful! I love them. You produced 4 beauties with just a vest!!! Wish I could capture your enthusiasm for sewing but it seems to elude me these days for some reason. Might be that there are so many other things squeezing my days. But I am in awe at your creativity!!! What’s your next project?

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    • Thanks so much!! Actually, right now I’m helping my friend complete 47 tea towels she’s doing as gifts. We had an assembly line going yesterday! It was so fun working together. After that, I have a backpack purse I’m going to make from a pattern del from CurlsnSkirls gave me, and then another from a different pattern for a coworker (she wants one that LOOKS more like a backpack than the pattern I have).
      Sounds like you have PLENTY going on in your life right now, and I love reading about it. Makes me even more look forward to when I can retire and do a few things I really want to do.


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