What’s black and white and red all over? A fashion statement, of course!

Fashion statement purse, that is.

This is the second in a series of black/white purses I’m making from that reversible vest. There’s enough fabric for another one – and maybe even a small zip clutch. Besides all the scraps (just about zip-clutch size), almost the entire back of the vest is still there. That was a BIG VEST!!

I see another purse coming!

The doll gives an idea of how big this vest was

I used Simplicity 2201, view D. This pattern calls for reversible quilted fabric – bingo! There were a few things I liked about this, and a few I didn’t. I like the size and style: not too big, with a pleated front, lace & ribbon accents, and a cross-body strap. I don’t like the no pockets and the partial lining. And what happens when I don’t like something about a pattern??? Yup.

the pattern

The instructions had the zipper installed after the lining and outer were sewn together. Only the upper part of the front/back and the side/bottom pieces were lined (see the illustration above). The pleated bottom part was unlined, according to the pattern; I think that was to show the reverse side of the fabric on the inside. I wanted it completely lined, and I wanted pockets.

How to do that? Well, first of all, I scrapped that top lining piece, but kept the one for the side/bottom. I finished the outer front and back pieces per the instructions, and traced around one of the completed pieces to make a new lining pattern. I then added a zip pocket to one lining piece and a phone/pen pocket on the other.

I decided to just follow the original instructions, as though installing a partial lining. According to the pattern, the lining pieces were sewn directly to the outer pieces, and then the purse was assembled – with the seams encased in bias binding. That worked; since the lining is black, the seams really aren’t noticed.

Overall, I really like this purse. I love the red accents, and the fact that it keeps its shape well. And it holds all the stuff I usually carry!  Can’t wait to get the next one started now – just need an idea. Whatcha think?? Any ideas?

Oh, and that first purse? I liked the red on this one so much, I added a tiny pop of color on it too. Today a button, tomorrow a ribbon – the next day, who knows!! It’s a fashion statement in the making.

4 thoughts on “What’s black and white and red all over? A fashion statement, of course!

    • Thanks so much. I’ve been carrying it since I made it. Yesterday I decided it was time for christening, so I baptized it (and my entire blouse front) in orange juice. Next time I think I’ll just drink the juice. Looks better in than on.


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