. . . perfection . . .

I might cry.

Today I decided to make a perfect clutch to match that vintage fabric purse. Well……..

not a flaw-free zone

not a flaw-free zone

I wanted to make one with a center divider. I found a pattern and instructions on a blog called sew to speak. I liked her design, and her instructions are very easy to follow. However, the pattern was bigger than I wanted. So, I ‘borrowed’ her idea and drew up a pattern more the size I wanted.

my version of the pattern

That was the start.

Why, oh WHY can’t I just leave a pattern as I find it, and follow directions???

Never satisfied. Hey, why not add some card pockets? Oh, and I’ll just make that center divider useful – it’ll be a zip pocket!

I wanted the finished clutch to be about 7″ wide by about 4″ tall. So, I cut the back lining piece about 8″ X 12″, and folded it up for the pockets. I measured it (after folding the pockets) against the pattern, to make sure I’d gotten the folds right. So far so good! That little success made me want to do it again – so I made card pockets for the front piece too. Bold, ain’t I!!

looks kinda weird, but it worked!

looks kinda weird, but it worked!

That zip pocket – it was a good idea. But not the way I first did it. I found that I couldn’t follow sew to speak‘s instructions as written, probably because they weren’t written for the alterations I’d made. So, I ended up finishing the bottom seam in the zip pocket, and not sewing it into the bottom seam of the clutch, as the instructions said to do. Instead, I had the pocket about 1/4″ above the bottom seam of the clutch.

bottom seams

I also had to make the zip pocket smaller than the outer pieces. The first try I followed instructions and sewed the zip pocket seams into the side and bottom seams. Not so good. The pocket buckled and was hard to open. OH well. The second try, with the bottom of the zip pocket left free, worked better – but the pocket still tried to curl in the middle.

I tried pulling the pocket sides about zip pocket1/4″ beyond the side seams, making the pocket slightly smaller than the outside pieces. Hey, whaddya know – it worked!!


Things were going so well.

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I’ve just decided to give up on perfection.

Maybe the next project will be that illusive perfect one. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy my imperfect but usable clutch.


19 thoughts on “. . . perfection . . .

  1. If at first you don’t succeed try…and try,,,,and try, again, they say you learn by your mistakes! I love the bag though and some great ideas on fixing it, think I may have put it to one side and never got round to sorting it out.

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    • Well, I’ve been accused of being stubborn – but what do they know! 😆 It’s all part of my journey towards that perfect project, I reckon…kinda like mountain climbing. If you stop at the first hard climb you’ll never make it to the top. 😆


  2. Great work! You have amazing perseverance. I can’t tell you HOW many times I’ve said the same thing – ‘why oh why can’t I leave a pattern as I find it and just follow instructions?!’ Like yesterday. I’m wrestling with a dress that was supposed to have a seam down the front. I didn’t want a seam down the front, so I laid it out on the fold. Now I’m having to force the neckline to behave. I’m not sure I’m gonna win this battle, but you’ve inspired me to keep on fighting!

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    • Thanks so much! I like perseverance better than stubbornness. 😆 I’ve been told I’m so stubborn I’d argue with a fencepost – next time I’ll just refer people to this when they call me stubborn. 😆
      Have you finished the dress? I’d love to see how you worked around that problem (I’ve got a stubborn neckline I’m wrestling – again – too)


      • Well, my mother always said ‘when in doubt, take it as a compliment.’ So yes, stubborn absolutely means persevering. And yes, I did finally finish the silly dress! I’ve been distracted by couple of weeks of fun with a big girlfriends’ visit, and am finally getting around to writing about it. Will post soon! 😉

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          • HA! I just sat down to write the post and realized that’s not the dress I’m writing about! I did fix the neckline, but haven’t hemmed it yet! But the dress I’m writing about did have a zipper issue. It’s always something.

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    • Thank you so much! I’ll have to perfect 😆 the pattern before I make one to sell. And I’ve decided, after making and using it, that I don’t really like the card holders on both sides. One side will do nicely; next one will have only one card holder spot. 😆


  3. Don’t cry! I love the way you experiment and adjust and fiddle around with patterns. Reminds me of myself! I also had some frustration recently in trying a new addition to a pattern and it drove me mad for a week until I abandoned it and started again from scratch! Your perseverance is much better than mine and the end result looks great!


    • Aw shucks…thanks so much! I’ve got another one on the cutting table that’s not quite what I want either (another store-bought pattern), and I’m walking around it, sniffing the air for any change I can make. I might just use the pattern as-is – for me, that would be a BIG change! 😆
      Did you get your new addition worked out? Got pictures??


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