Trip planning

I think I’m ready for another road trip. Time to prepare for it! This was the weekend to make myself a new travel bag. I found an old bandanna pattern muumuu and a denim midi skirt (where else??) at yard sales. Naturally, I couldn’t pass them up. I used the sleeves of the muumuu and part of the front of the skirt. Those pockets were great for the outside of the bag.

I used Butterick pattern 3343, view H. But naturally, I could not leave it as it was. I just HAD to add pockets. It’s listed as a travel bag, so I assume Butterick thinks travel bags don’t need pockets. W R O N G ! ! ! But I only added them to the outside. And since I didn’t put any pockets inside, I made a little matching coin purse for the inside. Hey, I gotta have SOMETHING on the inside!!

The rest of the pattern was as written. Well, almost. I did shorten the handles by two inches also, and didn’t make them from the webbing called for in the pattern. Two reasons: first, I didn’t really want to use webbing, and second, I didn’t have any. I made straps from the two fabrics with the edges encased in the bias binding used on the inside seams.

OK, maybe there was one more thing I did differently. The pattern didn’t call for interfacing nor a liner. I added both; but that stiff interfacing was a BEAR to work with, lemme tell ya!! I do like the way it keeps the form of the bag, though.

With all that done, time to put it to the test. Road trip ideas, anyone?


8 thoughts on “Trip planning

    • Thanks so much. I did have some trouble with getting the seams straight, with the stiff interfacing. The fix: cut it away from the seam allowance BEFORE I start sewing it together. Duh – I knew that, but didn’t do it. And I have NEVER YET found a purse pattern I’m entirely happy with either. I seem to change or add something on every one I make.


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