Talk to me

I wanted to take part in this week’s photo challenge about dialogue, in which we are to show two photos that speak to each other in some fashion. Well, I indulged in two marathon sewing binges, with very little gab-time (if you don’t count all those conversations I had with myself). ‘course…I coulda been done a whole lot faster if life hadn’t interjected a certain amount of influence on my time. There were groceries to buy, chores to do, people to visit, places to go, dogs to scold…

And here is the final product of a long and happy weekend, narrowed down to only two photos. Remember that vintage fabric I found while visiting my sister? It was not just talking to me – it was screaming at me, “I wanna be a purse! I wanna be a purse! Make me into a purse!!” So I did.

fabricthe purse

16 thoughts on “Talk to me

    • It was a modified version of Simplicity 2617, view B. I wanted a flap and inside pockets that the pattern didn’t have. I also substituted a button for the snap (I had buttons, I didn’t have any snaps). I also added a key ring sewn into the lining.


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