Finished – again

original capri pant leg

original capri pant leg

Yup, I finished the jeans purse.

I liked the process so much, I took it apart and finished it again. And again.

OK, so I exaggerated just a wee bit. Those two remakes had nothing to do with my love for my seam ripper. They had EVERYTHING to do with making this at midnight-thirty and beyond. I was going along just fine about 7 or 8 pm. It was when I crossed that line into the next day that all reason left me and went to bed, where I should’ve been 4 hours earlier myself.

First, after getting the entire purse put together, I hasted to fill it with all my stuff that I feel compelled to carry with me everywhere I go. Alas, though, when I unzipped the inner pocket to store certain treasures, I discovered that I’d sewn it into the upper seam. How did that happen?????? Ah, of course, I was half asleep and didn’t pay attention – so THAT’S why the top stitching felt so thick. Well, nothing to do but rip out the two rows of top stitching I’d just put in, free the zipped pocket, and restitch.

finally got it right!

finally got it right!

That accomplished, I gleefully refilled the purse, and held it up for inspection. AAAARRRGGGHHHH! What did I see? The flap hung lower than I’d anticipated, so when it was snapped, it made the flap bulge above the snap. Well, I couldn’t let that pass. That meant that the extra piece I’d sewn onto the flap at the beginning, before I’d ever put the purse together, was unnecessary. I’d thought at first that the flap was going to be too short. Obviously not – that’s what I get for doing my own thinking.

Anyway, this meant that I needed to remove the flap completely and remove that extra piece. I was NOT going to take the entire purse apart, no matter HOW much I love using my seam ripper on perfectly good seams. Nope, not gonna happen. I took out just the back seam and the previously redone rows of topstitching.

Remake #2 completed, I topstitched for the third time (minus that second row of topstitching – who needs it!!). Yeah, I know, third time’s the charm, right? Done!

What? It’s only 3 a.m.?? Time for a nap before meeting my friend for a girls’ day out at 7:30 a.m. And of course, I used my newly (re)completed purse! Whatcha think?

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14 thoughts on “Finished – again

  1. Great purse, and great perseverance! You really do excellent work. And I’m glad to read I’m not the only one who overthinks things and ends up redoing them! Thanks for sharing. Girls’ outing at 7:30 am? Really?

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    • Thanks so much! Yup, girls’ outing began at 7:30 with breakfast. Then the 4 of us went and touched everything in sight at a garage sale and 2 thrift stores, had lunch, and went to another thrift store. We totally enjoyed ourselves!! And I got to use the new purse, which will hold way, WAY more than I need to tote around.


      • Sounds like a great day and a great bunch of girlfriends! It’s hard for me to get mine together for that long at a time. Your bag is a stunner. I can see why you stayed up to get it finished for the marathon shopping day!

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    • How true – but sadly, there are times when I just need to temporarily retreat from the battle and refresh, then join the battle with new determination. And some common sense! 😆 But even so, I like how this one turned out.

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  2. Darling purse! Bet you got lots of compliments today! You should have called me. Up until 3:30. I had sewn fringe all around a purse then had to rip it all off because I forgot to do the darts on the purse first. 🙂

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  3. The purse is beautiful. Even though you had to redo a few portions, it turned out perfectly darling. I am most impressed. I still haven’t made a jean purse, but I have a pair of old jeans sitting patiently beside my sewing machine. It sighs and yawns and stretches and quietly waits for me to work with it. I really NEED another purse. Oh my, I never said that, did I? What woman would EVER turn down a darling jean purse. We are staying with two grands for two days to allow the parents to work and not use their precious vacation time. They are darling kids….ummmm, maybe I should have brought my sewing machine instead of extra clothes!


    • Yup, a sewing machine would be handy dandy cotton candy! I took mine on our cross-country road trip!! 😆 And actually used it, but not for clothes – for curtains. And I can never turn down another purse. That’s why I started making them. I never could find what I really wanted in ready-made ones, and hubby got realllllllly tired of purse shopping realllllllly fast.


    • Yup, I’ve found that to be one of those absolutes in sewing. I absolutely know that my seam ripper will play a starring role in any sewing story I ever tell. But I’m OK with that now. 😆


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