Christmas in July? Yup.

I just got a wonderful gift in the mail today! It even included a lovely card, the kind that makes me wish I knew the second and all subsequent things about lighting for photos.


love the card and the gift…even the string’s got bling!!

Inside that cute package was a Christmas ornament (or pincushion), handmade by Del from Curls n Skirls, a blog I follow. I’d seen it on her blog right after we left for our three-week adventure. She was doing a giveaway, and it was so cute I had to comment on it. Well, when we returned from our vacation, I got an email saying I’d won it!

I don't think I can wait for Christmas. I'm going to use it as a pincushion.

Yes, that is indeed all hand embroidery, which I absolutely love.

I don’t think I can wait for Christmas. I’m going to use it now, as a pincushion.


12 thoughts on “Christmas in July? Yup.

  1. Thanks for the lovely posty, Dear One. Am so glad you will enjoy this, and use it in whatever way(s) strike your fancy!
    And about that lighting thing… I just go with what’s available, then do a teensy bit of correction, if necessary, using Mac’s iPhoto. After all, can’t beat Mother Nature.
    xx del


    • I do a lot of photo remodels in Photoshop. 😆 Someday I’d just like to get the original lighting right, especially on anything I have to use a flash for; they always seem to come out so harsh looking. OH – and I’m using that little cutie bootie for my needles, cuz they always seem to get lost in my pincushion. 😆


      • Know what you mean about using flash. Have you upped you speed (ISO) as high as possible? When using candlelight I can turn the flash off. Very handy!

        So glad you’re using the bootie. Sounds a great idea!


        • I guess I need to figure out how to use my camera. sigh That would mean reading the manual, something I seem to do as a last resort, unlike hubby who keeps AND reads every. single. manual he’s ever had.


          • Lol! I hate doing that, too, but sometimes ya just gotta bite the bullet. Give yourself a real treat afterward. Don’t know about you, but I like a reward for doing something I didn’t wanna do in the first place!
            xx del


  2. One year I did a Christmas in July dinner and it was such fun. Your blog post reminds me of that and I am tempted to do it again! What a cool ornament, too. Thanks for your likes on my blog. I am adding your blog to my blogroll today. Trying to catch up on blog tending.


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