I think I’m tired

How long have we been traveling now? Let’s see . . . I think it’s been 12 days. No – 14 days. Longer?? I think I’m tired.

But it’s been fun so far, even with the little quirks in the GPS, and the quirky little navigator 😆 who makes certain miscalculations (quite innocently, I assure you!), and the pilot who is patient with his navigator’s bossiness – and the rather interesting places and people we’ve encountered.

We’ve gone through about 13 states so far, had lots of ‘experiences,’ and made memories. We’ve climbed to the pinnacle…


descended to the depths…

Indiana Jones? No, Indiana Caverns

Indiana Jones? No, Indiana Caverns

gotten caught in thunderstorms…

soaked in Dollywood

soaked in Dollywood

outran tornadoes, gripped the steering wheel during high winds, and made huge inroads into developing our farmer’s tans.

The sewing machine is relaxing in the back of the car. I haven’t used it since making the curtains, but it performed well for that time in its life. Now it’s getting a free ride home while we cruise the countryside.

I just wanted to share a few pictures that represent the total experience. How has your week been going?

8 thoughts on “I think I’m tired

    • Oh, my goodness – it was a gully washer! The rain was blowing sideways and soaked us even before we got out of the parking lot trolley. I was literally wringing water from my skirt. Thankfully my brother’s washer & dryer were empty, so we were able to get dry clothes when we got to his house.


    • I am amazed at how tired we are! If you go to Dollywood, be prepared for a hefty chunk of change to pay for it. It cost us, including the $10 parking fee, right at $130, and that was with the senior discount!! And do all the fun things first (roller coasters, for example) in case they have to shut down for lightning, like they did when we were there.


  1. Hello ~ Hello from del over at CurlsnSkirls.
    You’ve been awarded that boot embroidery, which is appropriate as you’re traveling!
    Will send you an email for confirming mailing info.


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