Have Machine, Will Travel

Five days on the road, bookin’ it to Kentucky! We’re here to see more family – especially our new grandson. What a cutie he is, too!!! I just wish I could figure out how to post those cute videos. Ah well, in time.

We got here just in time to help paint our grandson’s play room and make curtains for it – the whole reason for bringing my sewing machine cross-country. Did you figure that out without my help?? Thought so. 😆

Yesterday we went fabric shopping. We chose a dark purple quilting fabric and white lining. Why white? Well, that window gets lots of sun, and I didn’t want the lining to show any window-shaped fade marks.

Oh. Did I mention that this is my first EVER attempt at making lined curtains? Yup. Maybe I should’ve gotten a pattern.

While I spent the entire day sewing, hubby was painting the play room. Isn’t it nice to be needed!! Who else would drive clear across the country just to fix up a grandchild’s play room?? Yah, I know – doting grandparents. 😆 It’s a very bright room, with three walls almost lime green and one blue accent wall. Brightly colored circles are to be randomly painted on the walls. The purple in the curtains matches one of those colors. I don’t think we’ll be here to help paint those circles, but we got enough done so our family can finish the rest at a more leisurely pace.

These pictures are as close as I can get to the actual colors.

Our job’s done here. Time to move on. Next stop: Tennessee and South Carolina!!

4 thoughts on “Have Machine, Will Travel

  1. I love the new look of your blog. And I am very jealous of your moving on to Tennessee and North Caroline. They are just about my FAVORITE states — along with Maine. I’ve tried for years to move into the Smoky Mountain area of North Carolina, but just can’t seem to find a job.

    Great work you did on your grandson’s room. I couldn’t make curtains even with a pattern. So my hat is off to you!


    • Aw shucks – thankee a whole bunch! I do miss Tennessee. It’s good to drive through my ol’ stompin’ grounds and see all the familiar names. I haven’t been in NC as much as I’d like, but have enjoyed all the times I’ve gone through here (staying in NC tonight). I’ve never been to Maine – Lord willing, our next trip will be down the Atlantic coast.


  2. What a lucky child. Not only a play room but one that looks like that and with so much love put into it. Love the circles and very well done on the curtains. I wish my first attempt had looked like that!


    • Thanks so much! They came out better than I thought, given the ‘sewing’ area I had to work in (she’s not set up for sewing AT ALL!). I think the room will look great when she gets the circles on the wall – we didn’t stay to help her with that part.


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