bookin’ on down the road

I’ve always liked my late husband’s description of traveling in a hurry – bookin’. Well, that’s what we’ve done for the last few days. Booked.

We made a marathon of getting from Idaho to Illinois. That meant, of course, lots of drive-bys if I wanted any pictures at all. So most photos from WY, NE, IA, and MO were taken as we drove down the highway.

Getting to actually stay in one place more than one night has been a great thing. We arrived at our Illinois destination just minutes after midnight Sunday morning, instead of 11:30 Saturday night. That was only because our GPS had a momentary lapse in good judgment; she took us all the way through town and had us headed to the next one. Well, we knew that was wrong! I think that shook her confidence a little, to discover that she’d cost us extra time. It must have also stirred up her motherly instincts (can a GPS be a mother??), because on the way back through town, she developed a concern for our nourishment. Instead of directing us to the address we wanted, Ms. GPS decided she knew better, and directed us to the local McDonald’s. And it wasn’t even open!

Poor frazzled Ms. GPS. I almost felt sorry for her. Fortunately my sister saved the day and gave us verbal directions to her house. In the end all was well; we enjoyed our time with them and with my brother. And he likes his oven mitts, thankfully! My sis likes her tortilla warmer, oven mitt, and hot pad too, so that marathon sewing adventure before leaving the house was worth it. But, alas, today is back to work for these folks, so we’re heading on down the road to KY for more visiting, and a chance to use that sewing machine in the back of the car.

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4 thoughts on “bookin’ on down the road

  1. My husband has the Sat Nav (English for GPS!) on purely so he can argue with it and feel superior when he gets there without following it! Glad there are more Sat Nav’s with personality disorders out there!


    • That’s funny!! Just yesterday I was giving her one more chance and asking for directions. I started to say “Find” then stopped because I wasn’t sure which town to put in, so it sounded like “Fi…” Well, with my accent it must’ve sounded a LITTLE different, cuz she came back with, “There is no need for profanity.” Siri can be way too sirious sometimes! 🙂


  2. I’ve always liked that rarely used colloquialism – bookin’ – too ! I’m not sure where I picked it up, but I believe it was in high school, in the 70’s. I don’t think I’ve heard it from anyone since the 80’s, but I do use it at least once a year, myself.

    Mark ( I’m bookin’ on my PC right now ! ; ) )

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