Road trip, road trip, here we come!

Doncha just love road trips! This is one we’ve been planning for a few years, and it’s (giggling in excitement) about to happen!! Any day now.

Now, what to take, what to take?? I’ll need jammies, toothbrush, dental floss, hairbrush, some…uhm…unmentionables, some mentionables (several of those), sandals, camera, computer, chargers, sewing machine, puzzle books, pills, snacks, purse, iPhone, Kindle, pillow, chewing gum, music CDs, hair dryer, travel iron, ear plugs, swimsuit, travel mug, and a case or two of water – nice, cold water. I’ll have to clear the car of empties before we head out, though. Thankfully they’re recyclable.

What?? What was that?

Why, yes, I did say sewing machine. Isn’t that always included on any cross-country road trip? Seeing this is my first one, I wasn’t sure, so I had to consult the REmissionary Road-Trip Novice Handbook. Right there it was, on the very first page:

If you are new to cross-country road trips, please read this section carefully! In order to fully savor the road-trip experience, make sure that your sewing machine is included, so that you feel at home no matter what part of the country you visit. This may raise the eyebrows of more seasoned, non-sewing trippers, but rest assured, you are proceeding according to correct protocol.

Now, that’s a direct quote! So there, seasoned road-trippers!

7 thoughts on “Road trip, road trip, here we come!

    • We’re going from coast to coast – Oregon to South Carolina and parts in between. Something we’ve wanted to do since we got married! Got the dog sitter, got the house sitter, got the car sitters (us), and off we go!!


  1. Your list sounds good to me especially the sewing machine!! Wish you were heading a bit farther north to PA! Enjoy your trip and I look forward to seeing some pictures. 🙂 Project number 3 done, so hopefully soon I will be back to my emails, I miss my nightly “talks”. Two more projects to go then I am all caught up from putting things off for a year!!! God protect and bless you on your wonderful trip!


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