Washin’ my hands and throwin’ in the towel

You know those kitchen towels that hang over the stove handle, the ones with crocheted or fabric tops? Yeah, those. Well, I never particularly cared for the ones with those little skinny straps.

You’re no doubt wondering what my point is. I do have one, and it’s not on top of my head, either. See, my friend wanted me to make some kitchen towels for her friend, so I did. But I decided they would NOT have skinny tops.

Y’know, these things are really fun to make, and not ONE with a skinny top!

Not having a pattern (so what’s new), they took a little longer (so what’s new) while I figured out how to do the tops. But once I got it figured out, ZOOM! went the process. I was ready for a good hand-washing in no time. The last four went REALLY fast, even though I broke a needle.

I got to use various scraps of fabric in my stash, and some pieces of lace and doilies I’ve had forever. A great stash-buster project if you’re looking for one. Ya know, I didn’t keep a single towel. That means I’ve done flung a cravin’ on myself to make a few for our kitchen.

Well, I’ve thrown in the towels and washed my hands of this project (translation: I got them made and delivered to my friend). Now I’m going to make a few for us too – and you got it . . . no skinny tops! 😆

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8 thoughts on “Washin’ my hands and throwin’ in the towel

  1. Ok; do tell us how you did it. You have practiced on those that you gave away, so while you are making them for yourself, take some pix along the way. 🙂 Love the cute buttons on the polka dot with the square flaps. Really, just general info on how you sandwiched the towels between the topper etc. 🙂


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