I love this week’s photo challenge theme of “a work of art.”

We took a long walk last night after dinner – a good thing, since I had more dinner than my tummy is accustomed to entertaining. On that walk, we saw these gorgeous irises – a true work of art! Since my son gave me an iPhone for Mother’s Day, I realized I had a camera right there in my purse! Sometimes these new-fangled electronic gadgets do come in handy.

I have never seen irises of this size before. The purple is one of my favorite flowers (partly because it’s the state flower of Tennessee). I don’t know if these are GMO or not, but they sure were beautiful! And those little wild irises we discovered in our own back yard are lovely too.

simply beautiful!

simply beautiful!

I’m tellin’ ya what’s the truth with my hand up – there is no artist ever lived or ever WILL live that can outdo the Lord. He is the Master Artist, as these beauties can attest.

6 thoughts on “Irises

  1. Amen! (^_^)/ I especially like the smaller iris photo.
    Although I usually have my big camera with me, I have had to try and remember that my phone has a camera when I don’t have my 40D on me.


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