He’s a work of art

So, last week was hubby’s birthday. OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…not the whole week…just one day out of the week. Anyway, for his birthday I decided to make him a shirt. OK, uhm…that’s not exactly right either. I didn’t make him a shirt, I made a shirt for him.

Now, says I to me, how can I make this fit into my REmissionary theme? I mean, I actually used a pattern and fabric that I bought for a specific purpose. Oh, I know how – I can call it ‘old’ fabric, since I bought it so long ago (last year). Well, that fits the ‘old things’ part. Now about that ‘new mission’ thing…hmmmmm…………..Ah yes. The original goal for that fabric was to make shirts for both of us. Well, I didn’t quite calculate the yardage needed for two; this one took almost the entire piece! But, I can now say that the scraps are ‘old things with a new mission’ because I can use that bit of leftover fabric for a cool little bag for myself. There ya have it – the whole theme! And just look how good this shirt looks on him – he’s a work of art!

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