The Teacup Told Me About My Grandmother

We often blog about people …. Sometimes, getting unstuck is about changing your point of view, and writing about an object can help you do that. Tell a story … chronicle the history of your hand-me-down teapot ….


On my lunch hour, I’m often found skimming WordPress for great readn’ and writn’. I always look at The Daily Post for writing challenges. This one that I found on April 16 made me think all over again about my grandmother’s teacup. I’d written about that cup almost two years ago, on a blog I’ve been meaning to close down. Wow, how time doth grow wings and make its grand exit.

Well, today I finally got around to actually posting in response to this writing challenge (better late than never, eh?) Instead of writing a new ode to an old cup, I thought I’d just try something new-to-me and reblog that story. So here it is, in it entirety.

By the way . . . I’ve been looking for a duplicate of my grandmother’s cup for almost 40 years. Still searching.

Carry Me, Lord

different design, but similar in shape to my grandmother's cup different design, but similar in shape to my grandmother’s cup

This week’s Daily Post Writing Challenge has to do with our favorite things, things that mean the most to us here in this life. Things have a way of disappearing, but the memories stay around for the long haul.

When I was 17 my grandmother died, and my mother brought me some of her things. I hadn’t seen my grandmother since I was about four (shortly after my grandfather died, she moved across country to Washington), so I had no memory of her other than what I was told, and a few pictures I’d seen. Those things Mother gave me – a few Mother’s Oats plates and a beautiful teacup and saucer – told me that my grandmother was both practical and a dreamer. She used those ‘free’ plates from the days when Mother’s Oats was giving away dishes in…

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