Hyper-inflation: a twenty for your thoughts

Last night I couldn’t sleep (again), so I got up and wrote the first thing that came to my mind on my Facebook page. It was something like:

Inflation affects everything. Someone offered me a penny for my thoughts, and I gave them my two-cents’ worth. They had no interest in that.

And today I see the Daily Post writing prompt is all about offering a penny for my thoughts. Hmmm….

Maybe I should charge $20 and see if I get any takers.penny

Maybe I should develop some thoughts worthy of $20.

The point of all this is to just write – whatever comes into my mind, write it down. So, that’s what is about to happen. Any minute now, that floodgate of thoughts will burst open and I won’t be able to get it all down fast enough. Or not. Maybe there will just be a trickle. Whatever happens, it’s all coming out right here right now.

I vaguely remember when I first started toying with the idea of starting a blog or three. I thought to myself, “Self, someday you may have something to say that someone besides your husband and your best friends will want to hear. So start writing, girl!”

So I did. And here I am, several thousand words later with not a twenty to show for it. But the pure joy of writing, the fun of sharing ideas with other bloggers, the anticipation of visitors (did I tell you I love having company over?), the “I feel a blog post coming on” feeling . . . it would take a lot more than twenty to cover all that.

All this to say that my thoughts may only be worth two cents, but the fulfillment I get from sharing them is priceless.

What’s on your mind? Yes, I’m asking for your two cents’ worth. It’s worth a fortune to me!


10 thoughts on “Hyper-inflation: a twenty for your thoughts

  1. Ha! Yes, that’s the point, isn’t it? To have a coversation – share what’s on our minds. OK. At four in the morning I was thinking about finishing my purple dress in time for Easter. What zipper would I use? Invisible or exposed? And the buttons… Vintage or covered? At five I was thinking maybe I would wear the pink dress I made last week instead. Now I’m thinking that the rhythmic sound of my cat snoring ought to help me get a nap. Hardly worth pocket change, but thanks for listening!


    • Hey, that sounds like me the other night! Only . . . I haven’t made a dress for myself in literally YEARS. And . . . I don’t have a cat. But my dog snores! And I’ve actually THOUGHT about making myself some clothes. OK, today is the day – skirt making, here I come! And thank you SO MUCH for sharing your thoughts – they really are worth a fortune to me.


        • Well, I did it. I finally made a skirt! Getting ready to post it soon, in all its homemade glory. I might look too homemade in it, but I’m OK with that now. At least I tried. 😆


          • Good for you!! I can’t wait to see it. Do tell us the pattern, too, so we can copy you – uh, join in the fun. I’ll be posting later today… gotta get my hubby to take a pic of me in the dress I finished yesterday.


  2. In these days of inflated prices, indeed it is a $20 for your thoughts! Glad you decided to blog and even gladder (is that a word?!) that we have become friends. 🙂


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