where the sponges live

I’ve got a cottage cheese bucket on the sink – doesn’t everybody??

I started out with a Cool-Whip ® container (emptied of its original contents, just so ya know). Why would I have these things on my sink? Well, for sponges, of course! A Cool-Whip ® container makes a great holder, but gets a little water-logged. The drips from the sponges collected in the bottom and made it necessary to empty and clean more often than I wanted to fool with. Being the frugalist that I am, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually spend money on a fancy dish to contain those wet sponges. What about poking holes in the bottom of the Cool-Whip ® container and setting it inside a bigger container? Well, that worked better, but it was kinda ugly – made the sink look cluttered. What about a cover for the outer container? Yes. That would work. So here’s what I did!

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6 thoughts on “where the sponges live

    • Thanks so much – I actually enjoy looking at it now. And with that iron-on vinyl, I can just wipe the splatters right off it. I’ll probably hand wash it at times too, just because the lining shows on the top and bottom as a decoration, and it doesn’t have the vinyl coating. It’ll need a good washing every so often.


    • Aw shucks – thanks. My best friend’s hubby said today he wants me to make one of those for them. 🙂 I really like that vinyl stuff, my first time to use it. I bought it for making bibs but wanted to try it on something for myself before trying it for someone else.


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