harmonicals, organ donors, and mother-belly

I love having a houseful of people over. Dinner is always an excitement . . . a challenge . . . how badly will I confuse myself this time? “Did I remember to cook the asparagus? Where’s the beef? Spencer! Stop trying to kiss Sally – she doesn’t want dog slobber on her nose. No, Johnny, don’t eat the dog food, wait for dinner. Susie, don’t push your brother through the doggy door. Honey, where did I set the potatoes down? No, they’re not on the table – oh, there they are, on the fireplace. Let’s see – oh, forks! We need forks. Does everyone have a plate?” Then it’s all hurry-hurry to get the food on the table before the hot stuff gets cold and the cold stuff gets warm. And then the blessing, and the meal begins. Ah, the food, conversation, laughter, sharing thoughts and plans and ideas, and just plain ol’ kickin’ back with a cup of coffee and the feet up after dinner. What a blessing. And that major mess in the kitchen? In my opinion, it’s the sign of a successful dinner!

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In anticipation of the day, I’d gone to Dollar Tree and stocked up on a few fun things for the kids to explore. One of the little goodies I’d found was a package of pretend mouth organs, as we used to call harmonicas. Well, it didn’t come out exactly right as I was recounting the goody-list to the kids’ mom. I don’t know if it actually counts as a stumble over my words . . . I didn’t fall, I just sort of slid into third base on that one. Yes, I did. I said “harmonicals” – which entertained the entire group immensely. Me, the proofreading, stickler-for-the-right-word, grammar nazi, spelling-bee champion secretarial type – I said harmonical. We didn’t need that candle in the corner; my face lit the entire room up quite nicely for several minutes.

Speaking of organs, we were given a wonderful Lowery electric organ on Saturday, just in time for this get-together. One of the guests asked, “So, your office is now an organ donor, eh?” Yes. Thank you, Village Missions!!

thanks to the organ donor!

thanks to the organ donor!

After all the guests had gone home, I cleaned the kitchen and put the dishes and food away, all the while singing along as hubby played that organ. He was playing one of my favorite old hymns, “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” I was amazed at how many of the words I could recall, since we haven’t sung that song for a very long time at church. What a wonderful, pleasant, delightful time – and to think I hated doing dishes as a kid! But then, I didn’t get to do them to organ music.

All that time preparing the house for having friends over, and the hustle-bustle to get the kitchen back in order after everyone leaves, seems to release my mind from worry and encourages the memories to flow. As I was cleaning the sink (and not being very neat about it), I realized I’d just soaked my blouse clear across my belly. That brought a flood of memories of my mother at the kitchen sink. Her belly was perpetually soaked right at sink-height. I discovered something about myself (actually, I’ve known it for a very long time): I think I’m a mother-clone. I find myself doing many of the same things she did, even down to the bellysoaking method of kitchen cleaning. Do you have mother-habits too?

just like Mother's!

just like Mother’s!

*sigh* tomorrow is another day. I’m thankful to have been so blessed today, and to be even more blessed tomorrow, as I have a job to go to, and a house to live in, and friends and family to love and be loved by, and a car to drive, and a . . . well, you get the picture. Good night. Time to sleep, perchance to dream. 😆


9 thoughts on “harmonicals, organ donors, and mother-belly

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. I am a belly soaker too. Everytime I do the dishes I end up wet through. Thought I was alone in this habit. So glad to hear that you do it too Linda. Ha Ha.


  2. Imagine that! another belly wetter. We could look at it as the sign of a good cook! I love wearing the full aprons so my belly is staying drier but my Senior tummy size is causing some undue challenges for the proper sink stance. Love the recent blog entries, a little more info about you and your new hubby, and your recent accomplishments. Great work on the window coverings and the baby items. Such talent! I need motivation.


    • Hey, if a wet belly is the sign of a good cook, I must be chef material. 😆 I do look just like my mother when I cook and clean. I even stand like her, I’ve discovered! And thanks so much for the encouragement here – I got a tiny tinge of motivation tonight and spent some quality time with my sewing room. It was beginning to feel neglected. 😆


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